Curtis’ The Magic of Today – Reviews

Minnesota's favorite magician, entertainer and motivational speaker serving Minneapolis and the surrounding metro area.

I LOVED the show. The students were focused and had fun! The message was great, and I think the magic was the perfect avenue to get the message across!” Miranda Arnold, Teacher, Dakota Valley Middle School, North Sioux City, SD

“Curtis came at the perfect time. Our student body and staff needed reenergizing. Students and staff talked about how much they enjoyed the show all week.” “Entertaining, engaging, practical.” Wally Leipart, Loyal Hi – Loyal, WI

“thought-provoking. Curtis’ main presentation kept our attention. We were waiting to see what would come next.” – Mary Pease, Teacher – Holmes Junior High School – Cedar Falls, IA

“Curtis was very engaging with our middle school students. He is a very gifted magician and gave a good message on letting students know they are of value.” Mr. John Woodbury, Counselor at Northwestern Middle School, Poplar, WI

“I sat right in front of a number of highly at-risk kids who would usually want to be considered “too cool” for a MAGIC show; however, they were highly engaged and entertained. It was great!” Ms. Jennifer Feierabend, Becker Middle School, Becker, MN

“Talented, awesome, amazed, freaked out, puzzling, confused about how things were done, interesting, good messages…follow your dreams, anything worth doing is worth doing really bad until it gets better, don’t waste your time in school go there to learn. Enjoyable, entertaining!” Mrs. Koenen, Teacher – Aplington / Parkersburg Middle/High School – Aplington, IA

“Entertaining, captivating, humorous… What a great message communicated to the students in such a memorable way.” Sherly Carroll, Luverne School – Lu Verne, IA

“Great – Interesting – educational. Lots of good feedback from my students.” Daryl Braatz, THORP HIGH SCHOOL – THORP, WI

” LOVED THE SHOW AND THE MESSAGE 🙂 It is tough to entertain 7th and 8th graders and Curtis receives a 100% from this teacher :)” Mrs. Tiffany Wendling, teacher, Dakota Valley Middle School, No Sioux City, SD

“My students loved the performance. They enjoyed the humor, and Curtis’ joy for magic! I, as an adult, found the performance a pleasure to take part in, and enjoyed Curtis’ enthusiasm and humor, as well. Thank you for a great 45 minutes!” Ms. Diane Smidt, Teacher, Dakota Valley Middle School, North Sioux City, SD”

“[Curtis] has a good sense of humor for middle school students, they understand him. He got to the heart of the students.” “Inspiring, effective, entertaining ” Randy Berquist, Melrose Middle – Melrose, MN

“Curtis’ performance was entertaining! He had our student body laughing throughout the show!” Phil Goetstouwers, Principal Red Rock Central Secondary, Lamberton, MN

“Entertaining, enjoyable, refreshing ” Scott Clifton, CLEAR LAKE JR SR HIGH SCHOO – CLEAR LAKE, WI

“Positive – Engaging – Clever ” Steve Reznicek, Babbitt Secondary – Babbitt, MN

“Exciting, Humorous, Eye-catching, [Curtis] does an excellent job of getting his message across to kids between his acts.” Student, THORP HIGH SCHOOL – THORP, WI

“Excellent and entertaining ” Student, THORP HIGH SCHOOL – THORP, WI

“Very very funny ” Student, THORP HIGH SCHOOL – THORP, WI Student, THORP HIGH SCHOOL – THORP, WI

“Funny, entertaining, Magical, keep trying to do what you always wanted to, follow your dreams.” Student, THORP HIGH SCHOOL – THORP, WI

“fun, exciting, amazing ” Student, THORP HIGH SCHOOL – THORP, WI

“[Curtis] understands the reason for [a job fair]. The student’s evaluations about him were positive.” Cecile Krier, LEAF RIVER VALLEY CO O