Curtis’ Magic of Being Kind – Reviews

Minnesota's favorite magician, entertainer and motivational speaker serving Minneapolis and the surrounding metro area.

“Fabulous show on Monday, Curtis! I got many unsolicited comments from my staff saying how much they enjoyed your show and the message about kindness. And our students were clearly enthralled! Super job!!!” Dr. Ann Schoenberger, Eagle Point El, De Forest WI

“Wow – what fun we had! Mr. Hed was entertaining! More importantly he kept our students interested with the right mix of the character lessons we teachers wanted him to share, the magic we all wanted to see, humor we all enjoyed and the delivery and timing of a performance that was perfect! Thank you, Mr. Hed, for a wonderfully entertaining performance!” Mrs. Lynne Osing – Lincoln Center, Albia, IA

“Curtis came to our school for a PBIS celebration assembly and had the students memorized the entire time. Throughout the rest of the day, the students were imitating his tricks and talking about the show. We were able to continue the kindness message. The students described the assembly as surprising, creative, interesting, magical, fun, funny, amazing, and awesome.” Magic of Being Kind Show – Lindsay Burns, Teacher – Kenneth Murphy School – Beach Park, IL

“Great, He left us all wondering how he did it. The jokes were fun for all our kids, even the 6th grade who is a tough audience.” Magic of Being Kind Show – Judy Mccabe-Krudwig, Counselor – Eden El – Eden, WI

“I thought it was a very entertaining program. Curtis did a good job mixing his character theme into his act” Tony Garner, Teacher – Pepin El – Pepin, WI

“Engaging for students and staff alike. Lots of laughs and enthusiasm. The students were still talking about it the next day!” Lisa Lind, Media – Pepin El – Pepin, WI

“I enjoyed your show yesterday! The students and teachers were all engaged and that speaks volumes. I also appreciated how you had control of the audience and encouraged silent behavior when you spoke. Some assemblies can get out of hand with the fun that’s happening. But, because your expectation was put out there, the kids KNEW to listen! Great job!!!!” Magic of Being Kind Show – Patricia Krusa, Teacher – Kenneth Murphy School – Beach Park, IL

“I thought the show was AMAZING!! It kept the kids attention & had a great message as well!! I hope we will have him again soon!!” Magic of Being Kind Show – Shari Sherva, Paraprofessional – Northwood Public School – Northwood, ND

“Thank you for your message & presentation to our students. I heard many positive comments over the course of the day.” Shari Bilden, Principal – Northwood Public School – Northwood, ND

“The kids were commenting all day about their favorite parts of the show. Even today when I mention the words… “we are all … they can fill in the blanks with the words…. Important, being kind, following the rules and that it takes practice. It was a presentation that will remember for a long time. Thank you for bringing a message that they could understand and apply to lives the minute they walked back to class.” Magic of Being Kind Show – Jane Engen – Northwood Public School – Northwood, ND

“Your magic was amazing. It was so cool. Thank you for coming all the way to Vandyke for us. Thanks.” Magic of Being Kind Show, Students of Vandyke, Coleraine, MN

“I am a fourth-grade teacher from Vandyke Elementary School. Our school attended the “Magic of Kindness” event on Thursday. My students and I enjoyed the show immensely. The magic was amazing! As a teacher, I appreciated the message of kindness. Curtis did a great job in having the students repeat the message, which also allowed the students to have an active part in the performance!” Magic of Being Kind Show – Brenda Larson, Teacher – Vandyke Elementary – Coleraine, Mn

“Curtis did a tremendous job of engaging our students. His magic was impressive, and his message of kindness was a powerful one for our students.” Magic of Being Kind Show – Dawn Jenkins, Social Worker – Vandyke Elementary – Coleraine, Mn

“The show was great! It gave a great message. It was entertaining and it gave us all a good laugh. Thank-you for brightening up a rainy day. Your love for magic, life and laughing was contagious! Bravo! Good Show!” Magic of Being Kind Show – Karen South, teacher – Bronson Elementary School – Bronson, IA

“Very engaging presentation that kept us waiting to see what would happen next, while teaching about bullying! I didn’t want the assembly to end.” Magic of Being Kind Show – Mary Siepker, teacher – Bronson Elementary School – Bronson, IA

“It was a great assembly enjoyed by all the PK-8 students, teachers, and staff. A wonderful message blended with amazing magic. Captured and kept everyone’s attention.” Magic of Being Kind Show – Chris Watt, Teacher – Estelline Elem – Estelline, SD

“FUN, Cool, Silly” “He did a wonderful job connecting with students and keeping their attention with fun jokes and tricks.” John , After Schools Programs – Glendale El – Madison, WI

“Wonderful magician and terrific addition with the humor! Kept the students and teachers entertained the entire time! Great message for students!””

Karen Dempsey, Teacher, Magic of Making Wise Choices, Ridge Central Elem., Chicago Ridge, IL”

“Very awesome! So great with the kids, keeping their attention and maintaining control of a large group. Great show, was wishing we could’ve watched longer!!!” Ms. Karla Grenier, Rice Lake School District, Rice Lake WI

“The students really enjoyed your performance and we thank you so much again!!” Magic of Being Kind Show – Amy Housley, PTA/O/SA – Lake Park Elem School – Addison, IL

“Nice job. You made your point (I’m important, and it’s important to be kind.) and related well to a diverse age group with humor that appealed to kids and adults. I like the way you started by setting the tone and expectations. You were funny and your magic was amazing.” Ms. Paula Wick, Stoner Prairie Elementary School, Madison, WI

“My elementary students really enjoyed this performance. I thought it was neat how some of the character counts pillars were included within the act.” Dike Elementary School – Dike, IA

“Enjoyed the performance-funny. Good Character Counts review.” Magic of Being Kind Show – Terri Brown, Teacher – Dike Elementary School – Dike, IA

“…students loved Curtis’ performance.” Magic of Being Kind Show – Juli Kopriva, Teacher – Dike Elementary School – Dike, IA

“engaging and funny… engaging to all grade levels.” Tom Textor, Principal – Dike Elementary School – Dike, IA

“[Curtis Show is] Entertaining, wonderful and positive. The show was enjoyed by everyone.” Don Ortman, Rock Valley Elementary School – Rock Valley, IA