Curtis Hed’s Don’t Be Fooled Show

Minnesota's favorite magician, entertainer and motivational speaker serving Minneapolis and the surrounding metro area.

Within his Don’t Be Fooled Show, Curtis uses magic tricks to demonstrate just how easy it is for us to be fooled. And he shares with us that, “While it may be fun to be fooled my a magician’s tricks, we don’t want to be fooled when it comes to living our lives.”

For this reason, Curtis goes on to talk about how God has given us three resources to help keep us from being fooled spiritually. “God has given us the Bible to instruct us; His Church, our brothers and sisters in Christ, to encourage us; and most importantly He has given us His Spirit to guide and transform us.”

From elementary age children to adult, Curtis customizes his Don’t Be Fooled Show to best fit the age of his audience. Also see information on Curtis’ show called Disillusioned, a presentation designed for mature teens and adults.

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