Curtis’ Magic of Reading Show – Reviews

Minnesota's favorite magician, entertainer and motivational speaker serving Minneapolis and the surrounding metro area.

“Curtis the Magician provided a lively and magical performance for our k-6 students about the importance of learning to reading, going to the library and practicing reading. The kids of all ages were spell bound during the performance, trying relentlessly to figure out the magic tricks. A superb and motivating performance!” Magic of Reading Show – Mary Beth Edman, Reading Specialist – Warren Elementary – Warren, Mn

 “Excellent, Awesome, Funny… Thank you so much for a wonderful show. We received many excellent reviews from our parent and staff. It was a great way to reinforce the fun of reading and visiting the library. It was a magical night full of laughs and amazement.” Deeann Howell, Family Involvement – Mark Twain Elem. – St. Joseph , MO

“WOW!! This guy is not only a fantastic performer/ magician, he is a fantastic educator! And I do NOT hand out that kind of praise easily! He connected with ALL of the audience members 100%, kids and adults alike! I had the opportunity to see him work with 3 age groups, lower elementary, upper elementary, and middle school……he was equally fantastic with all!!! The very fact that I am taking the time to fill out this form says a lot, because it is conference week, and I am swamped, but he sooo deserves this! Anyone who wants a first-rate show with a lot of thought behind it, that will be geared for THEIR audience, AND that they will THOROUGHLY ENJOY should hire this guy NOW! He is fantastic!! When I am done with this form, I am going to email all my friends about him! Thanks Curtis!!” Ms. Kathie Barry, Parkerberg Elem, Parkerburg, IA

“We had the extraordinary pleasure of spending part of our afternoon with the talented and humorous Curtis Hed. What an absolute delight! Our students and staff were engaged the entire time with his inspirational message to read, learn and practice that he entwined into his highly entertaining magic show. My only regret is not being able to attend his second performance held that same night. We are so fortunate you came to our school. Thank you so much!” Linda Grosklaus, Speech-Language Therapist – Rusch El – Portage, WI

“funny and entertaining.” “Curtis does a masterful job of entertaining the children with his sleight of hand tricks all while weaving in the important message of becoming a lifelong reader.” Sandra Nehls, Title 1 -Prentice El – Prentice, WI

“Curtis put on a fun and family-friendly show with audience participation. It was great!” Youth Services Associate – L.E. Phillips Memorial Library – Eau Claire, WI

“This magic show was so awesome for not only the kiddos but also the adults! 🙂 The kids were thrilled with his magic and couldn’t stop talking about being a magician after the show and telling me throughout the day the things they were going to look up and learn about at the LIBRARY this summer!! Yay!! Music to a teacher’s ear!! :)” Magic of Reading Show – Kelsey Dardis, Teacher – Osgood Kindergarten Center – Fargo, ND

“The children and the parents shared in the enjoyment. I heard from many of the principals and teachers that the program was one of the best family nights ever conducted.” Mr. William Hempel Milwaukee WI

“Our community and students were all very entertained by your magic show. More important was the message that you reiterated throughout both of your performances. Children heard that reading is important and that you have to practice to get good at it They were encouraged to use both the public and the school library. Parents were encouraged to read to their kids every day, even if it is hard or they make mistakes, or they have limited time. The value of spending time reading to your children can never be underestimated. I thank you for relating that message to parents as well as children. …I look forward to having you return to Thorp in the next couple years. Thanks again! 216 – Amy Brunsvold – Reading Specialist – School District of Thorp – Thorp, WI

“I am a Special Education teacher at Westwood Community School District. I just wanted to tell you how awesome your show was and how intrigued the students were throughout the whole show! I thought you did a great job incorporating the importance of reading in a fun and engaging way. I loved it!” Magic of Reading Show – Bailey Archer, Special Ed – Westwood Elementary School – Sloan, IA

“Fantastic show!!! It not only entertained the students, but the parents and teachers as well. All of the students that I talked with the next day had nothing but good and positive things to say about the show. Those who were not able to attend, were bummed out after hearing from those students who did attend. Curtis did a fantastic job keeping the students entertained while getting an important message across them in a fun and memorable way. Would definitely recommend to others and attend another show if the chance arose.” Mrs. Peggy Rekstad, Title 1 Teacher, Lindbergh Elementary School, Little Falls Minnesota

“My class really enjoyed your performance! I think the adults in the crowd loved your humor more than the students! 😉 I would definitely recommend your show to others and I hope we see you again next year!” Magic of Reading Show – Classroom Teacher, – Osgood Kindergarten Center – Fargo, ND

“The kids were engaged from beginning to end. Loved the message about reading and going to the library :)” Magic of Reading Show – Nikki Hillman, Media Specialist – Osgood Kindergarten Center – Fargo, ND

“Fun and inspiring!” “The students loved it!” Ruth Anne Eldred, Teacher – Becker Primary – Becker, MN

“Impressive and funny!” “He is a great performer for the young children and adults.” Carol Couillard, Medford El – Medford, WI

“Fantastic” “Curtis did a great job of relating to the young children. His performance was captivating for all ages!” Kindergarten Teacher, Medford El – Medford, WI

“Entertaining, funny.” “My class liked the show.” K. Anderson, Teacher – Medford El – Medford, WI

“Great, liked his jokes.” “Curtis kept everyone entertained. A very nice show,” Susan Eloranta, Counselor – Stetsonville El – Stetsonville, WI

“Curtis, I can’t tell you how excited everyone is today they can’t stop talking about the show. Thank you very much for inspiring so many kids.” Kim Thorp, Media – Lake Superior Elementary School – Ashland, WI

“The children loved it and it really kept them interested thru the whole show.” Magic of Reading Show – Rhonda Fentermacher, Paraprofessional – Pepin El – Pepin, WI

“Great!” “He kept the show going and entertained the crowd.” Tony Garner, Teacher – Pepin El – Pepin, WI

“Funny and entertaining.” “He had humor that was geared towards adults and humor that was geared to the students. The kids thought they knew how he did some of the tricks until he duped them!!” Chelsie Brunner, Teacher – Pepin El – Pepin, WI

“Entertaining… Good family fun” Jayme Evans, Mark Twain Elem. – St. Joseph, MO

“Great….Enjoyable. Great performance enjoyed by all present.” Denise Mereness, Mark Twain Elem. – St. Joseph, MO

Fun and delightful. Curtis did a great job performing and keeping everyone’s attention. Tricks are great! Show was also humorous. Good audience participation. He was able to weave in messages about learning, reading, working hard, doing your best, etc. Magic of Reading Show – , Teacher – Mark Twain Elem. – St. Joseph , MO

Entertaining, humorous, intriguing. “Curtis kept the students interested and involved in his show.” Mrs. Barbosa, Special Ed – Amazonia Elem. – Amazonia , MO

Entertaining & insightful! “He worked well with kids.” Classroom Teacher, – Amazonia Elem. – Amazonia , MO

“Entertaining, fun, Engaging. ” Teachers, Capron Elementary School – Carpon, IL

“Our students and faculty enjoyed your presentation. It was funny, purposeful, and engaging. In a simple format, the students really got it! Thank you!” Magic of Reading Show – Kathleen Kjolhaug, Reading Specialist – Clearbrook-Gonvick Elementary – Clearbrook, Mn

“I just wanted to let you know how much my Kindergartners loved your show. It was the right amount of magic, humor, and excitement! They could not stop talking about how much they loved it. Thanks for coming all the way to Bigfork! We hope to see you back someday.” Magic of Reading Show – Aimee Rahier, Teacher – Bigfork Elementary – Bigfork, Mn

“Thank you so much again for coming! The students are still talking about it today…” Magic of Reading Show -Ruth Manley – Arcadia Elementary, Arcadia, WI

“You were entertaining and staff and students both enjoyed your presentation.” Magic of Reading Show – Connie Schroedel, Title 1 – Spencer El – Spencer, WI

“Great enthusiasm and wonderful message.” Mrs. Rebecca Davis, Lewis Elementary, Excelsior Springs, MO

“We enjoyed the performance very much. The message about reading is always important and our students were able to grasp that concept easily from the presentation. [Curtis] did a great job relating to the students.” Principal Christi Rice, Lewis Elementary School, Excelsior Springs, MO

“Thanks again for what you do. The teachers and I really enjoyed your humor. Your work does make a difference. If you can affect one of our kids to go to the library, read more, and practice, you have been a wonderful inspiration. Please continue your vocation! All of your hard work is worth it!” Magic of Reading Show – Mr. John – Principal, Rosholt Elementary School, Rosholt, WI.

“I just want to say thank you very much for an entertaining show yesterday. I even went home to my husband and told him the tricks you did and he was amazed! The students really enjoyed it as well. …you did a nice job of crowd control and reminding those students to be quiet. I think it helps to have the presenter remind them vs. the teachers all the time. The interactive pieces are always a hit too. Thanks so much for coming to Howe School!” April Hafermann, Teacher – Howe Elementary, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

“I thoroughly enjoyed the show! The magic and humor were fun, while slipping in that always important message about reading. I highly recommend this show for everyone. All ages will enjoy!” 215 Magic of Reading Show – Renee Peplinski -teacher – Howe Elementary, Wisconsin Rapids, WI.

“The magic show at our school was fantastic! Curtis held the attention of our K-8th grade students and staff for 45 minutes! It was fun, educational, and entertaining for all involved. Thanks Curtis” Magic of Reading Show – Brian Grensteiner, Principal – Le Center Elementary – Middle – LeCenter, MN

“Curtis did a great job of melding the message of magic and the love of reading. His performance was captivating and kept the attention of our students and staff alike.”

Mr. Brian Rogers – Principal – Ladysmith Elementary School – Ladysmith, WI”

“We greatly appreciated [Curtis’] show. The message to visit the library, read, and practice reading was well received. Parents and children spoke highly of the show.”

Mr. William Gieze – Principal – Sam Davey Elementary – Eau Claire, WI”

“[Curtis] a clear understanding to kids that you can learn about subjects of your own choice through reading books and or being read to. Driving home [our son] named several things he would like read about, other than school work.” Mr. J. Johnson, Parent, Lindberg Elementary School, Little Falls, MN

“[Curtis’] performance is engaging for both children and adults and your message about being a good reader takes practice, is very clear throughout the performance.”

Mrs. Jeanyne Gomez, Title 1 Coordinator, Little Falls, MN”

 “The kids had a lot of fun watching the magic show! I really liked how he talked about the importance of reading, and how we all need to practice in order to become better readers. “

Mrs. Elizabeth Oberton, Title 1 Teacher, Linbergh Elementary, Little Falls, MN”

“The kids really enjoyed themselves, as well as parents at the later show… All positive comments that I’ve heard. Was great for kids from all ages from 4k-6th! :)” Pam Adrian – Title 1 – Magic of Reading Show (Daytime and Title 1 Editions) – Cassville Elementary School – Cassville – WI

“The ‘Magic Of Reading’ show was enjoyed by one and all. The children and the adults were totally engaged and had fun being part of the magic show. They learned that the library is a great place to go and find books that interest everyone. He also encouraged the children to practice reading so they can become excellent readers.” Magic of Reading Show – Title 1 Teacher, – Northwestern El – Poplar, WI

“Thank you again for your wonderful performances. I know the students really enjoyed them! They were engaged and enjoyed the performance. There was a good message about reading and going to the library.” Magic of Reading Show – Cynthia Misner, Title 1 – Northport Elementary – Brooklyn Center, Mn

“Awesome performance! I appreciated that you gave rules and boundaries to our students before, during, and after the show. Also, thank you for including a little humor for the adults! :)” Magic of Reading Show – Tricia Oxley, Reading Specialist – Gibbs Elementary – Rochester, Mn

“Thank you for the wonderful day! Great reviews from staff and students!” Magic of Reading Show – Jenny Dalsted, Media – Kasson-Mantorville Elementary – KASSON, MN

“Thank you, Mr. Hed, for your magic show. It was really funny . . . like when you made the flag different colors or tried to fly and said “Yeah, right.” Going to the library? We got it! Read? We got it! Practice? We got it! Thanks again.” Mrs. Wally’s Class, Teacher – Kasson-Mantorville Elementary – KASSON, MN

“I love it I thought it was on level for the students and that he did an excellent job of getting point of reading to kids by using magic to make it fun.”

Mary Hewitt, Teacher Red Rock Elementary, Jeffers, MN”

“The magic show and your message was great. You captured the students with your talent and the teachers with your humor and talent. Thanks for bringing your show to us. Five Star Rating.”

Ms. Deb Altermatt, ’15 Lead Teacher Red Rock Central Elementary, Jeffers, MN”

“Thank you so much for coming to Eisenhower’s Reading Night! Your performance was wonderful, very entertaining and engaging. The kiddos were talking about it all day the following day, they LOVED it.” Kendel Torkildson, Eisenhower Elementary, Coon Rapids, MN

Entertaining, Encouraging, Excellent! Ms. Lisa Laudenslager, Reading Recovery, Eisenhower Elementary, Coon Rapids, MN

” You did an amazing performance at Dr. Knight School on Friday. My little sisters REALLY enjoyed you show. I was very impressed and entertained by your tricks… Keep up the FANTASTIC work!!!!” Magic of Reading Show – Jeremiah – Student – Dr. Knight Elementary – RANDALL, MN

“It was very entertaining for elementary students with an emphasis on the importance of reading. Thank you!” Magic of Reading Show – Carol Thompson, Teacher – Alden-Conger Elementary – ALDEN, MN

“Great show…. Very entertaining!” Magic of Reading Show – Kelly Skov, Teacher – Alden-Conger Elementary – ALDEN, MN

“Great performance! My four year loved the tricks. The first-grade students were still talking about your performances today. They even told me they need to practice their words just like the magic guy said.” Magic of Reading Show – Nicole Weigel, Teacher – Alden-Conger Elementary – ALDEN, MN

“I really enjoyed that the tricks “seemed” simple, and the kids thought they figured out how the trick was done, and you played along and then surprised us all (to be specific, Thing 1 and Thing 2). Plus, I thought it was really funny, and was impressed with how you handled the kids’ behavior-you were definitely in charge, even from the stage. A lot of my students were talking about the show from last night (the second showing). They were telling an absent student how he missed out because it was so good. Thanks for coming!” Magic of Reading Show – Gretchen Hintz, – Alden-Conger Elementary – ALDEN, MN

“Wonderful performance! Entertaining AND educational! Promotes reading!” Magic of Reading Show – Kim Gooden, Title 1 Para – Alden-Conger Elementary – ALDEN, MN

“Very good with students, parents and teachers. Added adult humor which was nice. He also had a good message about reading” Magic of Reading Show – Jenny Erickson, SPED Teacher – Alden-Conger Elementary – ALDEN, MN

“Students, teachers, and parents were all truly entertained during Curtis Hed’s Magic Show of Reading! I heard MANY positive comments about his two performances! very enjoyable!” Magic of Reading Show – Linnea Petersen, Dean of Students – Alden-Conger Elementary – ALDEN, MN

“It was excellent! The students were entertained and got some great messages!” Ms. Cheryl Wright, Social Worker, Magic of Making Wise Choices ’14 Rodge Lawn El., Chicaho Ridge, IL

“Mr. Hed puts on an amazing show that not only engages our students but teaches them too. He has a great way of calming the crowd when needed. We have had him in the past and will hopefully continue to have visits from him.” Heidi Olson, Somerset Elementary, Somerset, WI

“[Curtis] performed two day shows for our elementary students and then we also had a night show for our families. He actively engaged our students and parents, while stressing the importance of reading and performing his magic. The students loved him!” Mrs. Nancy Anderson, Somerset Elementary, Somerset, WI

“The show was wonderful fun for all ages. Curtis is an amazing performer. We hope to welcome him back next year!” Ms. Mary Kenyon, Winthrop Public Library, Wintrop, IA

“My first-grade students LOVED the magic and I LOVED the jokes! Thank you for making our day!” Magic of Reading Show – Stacy Jacobs, Teacher – Turtle Creek El – Delavan, WI

“Curtis, you were a hit! Thanks for you willingness to make our family night a success and for the two school presentations that were reaching all of our students. We will share your name with our neighboring schools.” Sandi Jarvis, Director of Instruction – Riverview Elementary – WAUTOMA, WI

“Thank YOU, Curtis! The kids and parents had a great time! We appreciate the fact that you braved the nasty weather conditions to come and perform at our school. Thanks again,” Beth Colvin, Title 1, Greenleaf Elementary, Apple Valley, MN

“The clever humor used in coinciding with the magic tricks was quite entertaining along with incorporating the message that reading is important.” Tammy Poncin, Teacher, Sleepy Eye Elementary School, Sleepy Eye, MN”

“It was easy to see that Curtis knew his audience and was very well prepared. His connection to reading has since given my class and I a quick, easy, and fun way to talk about the importance of reading.” Teacher, Discovery Community Elementary, Waite Park, MN”

“I heard great things about [Curtis] performance and the message. I look forward to working with [Curtis] in the future. Principal Curt Rock, Discovery Community Elementary ’14, Waite Park, MN

“The performance was very entertaining to both teachers and students. I like how Curtis promoted reading in the performance.” Cindy Nagle, Teacher – Parker Elementary – ELK RIVER, MN

“The magic show was both entertaining and educational. I especially liked how you got the audience involved both parents and children with not only the magic but with the message you were sending. The idea that children need to practice to become good at reading, where they could find books, at the library, and what they gain from books and how it all tied into your learning of reading and reading about magic. I saw children and parents laughing, shouting out the answers and I felt that they were getting the message loud and clear.” Ms. Mary Alberts, Curriculum Specialist – Elk River School District, Elk River MN

“Thank you so much for coming to our school. You did a wonderful job of teaching our students the importance of being kind while you were entertaining them with magic. Students and staff members all had great things to say about the show.” Mrs. Jodi Robertson, School Counselor, Dell Rapids SD

“Curtis Hed did a wonderful job promoting reading to our students. His show was fantastic and the students enjoyed the magic. Thank you for a great performance!” Tracy Sosnoski, Title 1, Northland Pines Elementary, Eagle River, WI

“Thank you for doing the program. The kids enjoyed it, and I’m thankful you were flexible enough to work in a smaller room with no stage, since our community was undergoing construction. You had good rapport with the audience, and I especially thank you for encouraging the kids to use the library. An hour after the show, we were cleaned out of our books of magic tricks!” Janet Slessor, Reinbeck Public Library, Reinbeck, IA

“Curtis did an amazing job holding the students’ attention, performing, and motivating them.” Magic of Reading Show – Jennifer Valeant, Teahcer – Zachary Lane Elementary – Plymouth, Mn

“Curtis Hed provided an educational program using magic and humor to emphasize the importance and value of reading. The children were enthralled from the beginning to the end of the presentation. They left with a smile on their face and a challenge to read more. I highly recommend this program.” Randy Moberg, Zachary Lane Elem, Plymouth, MN

“A fantastic show with humor and amazing magical, and mystifying moments. The kids were entertained and repeatedly talked about the wonderful show.” Mrs. Patty Shah, Mom, Park Brook Elementary School. Brooklyn Park, MN

“[Curtis] was able to relate his show to reading, the library, the practice of reading, and having fun doing it. Involved students and parents in a funny enjoyable way. He was able to hold the attention of the audience the entire time of the show. Not for one moment were the students bored or getting in trouble for lack of attention to the show!” Ms. Kathy Kowalke, Teacher Evergreen Elementary School, Rothschild, WI.

“Curtis’ performance was a combination of magic, juggling and comedy. The younger grades especially loved it… Interaction between him and the audience kept the children well-behaved and interested. The amount of time (45 minutes) was perfect as well…” Ms. Donna Lindberg, Whitehall Elementary School, Whitehall, WI

“Very enjoyable and energetic. The middle school kids enjoyed it and were trying their best to be magicians themselves.” Mrs. Jennifer Schams, Whitehall School District, Whitehall, WI

“I really enjoyed the performance. Humor for students and teachers alike. Curtis has an easy way about him making his message delivery comfortable and memorable.” Mrs. Charlotte Windjue, Whitehall School District, Whitehall, WI

“Great job engaging the students for all ages! Students raved about the performance as soon as we got back and made use of your quality instruction about reading. Thank you very much for coming. Very appropriate for our kids!” Mr. Kyle Pronschinske, Sunset Elementary, Whitehall, WI

“The show was great! Our students and staff both loved it! Great message to students about reading.” Paul Olson – Walnut Grove Elementary – Walnut Grove, MN

“Curtis did a great job engaging the students. He did a good job of reinforcing the importance of reading throughout his presentation. He used quite a bit of clean humor throughout as well. I would give him a very good recommendation if you are looking for a magician to entertain your students.” Mr. Tim Snyder, Principal West Lyon Elementary School

“We really enjoyed the show. His sense of humor kept the students on their toes and entertained. The application of behaviors to the classroom was a good reminder to students. As an adult I also found the show very entertaining and there was much laughter!” Ms. Renee Anderson, Teacher, Maple River West Elementary, Good Thunder, MN

“The performance was lighthearted and fun and got the message across loud and clear! Read!” Mrs. Kim Heinrichs, Teacher, Belmont Elementary School, Belmont, MN

“My family and had a great time at your show.” Jaden, Student at Lake Park Audubon Elementary, Audubon, MN

“I have two elementary age children that were excited to see your ‘Magic of Reading’ show. They were not disappointed; they both really enjoyed it. Both my wife and I enjoyed your performance and illusions as well. Thanks!” Elementary School Parent, Churchill Elementary, Cloquet MN

“Curtis has an incredible talent to entertain kids and the amazing ability to control a large audience! I am in my 11th year teaching and Curtis honestly had the best crowd control I have ever experienced from a performer! The kids loved his magic show! They cheered and clapped one minute and the next you could hear a pin drop. That is not an easy task. I was impressed! I loved how he repeatedly tied the library, reading, and practice into his performance.” Jeff Teasck, Teacher – Parkview Elementary, Virgina, MN

“I found the show about reading to be very entertaining. My daughter is in 2nd grade and enjoyed the show very much. It was family night, and I found Curtis was very good at keeping the parents entertained as well as the kids. It was a show not just for children.” Magic of Reading Show – Deborah Mellesmoen, Parent – Greenhaven Elementary – Hibbing, Mn

“The kids loved the illusions! (I loved your sense of humor most). It was a wonderful way to celebrate and start our Thanksgiving break! The children loved the performance and his wit entertained the adults. Thanks again; job well done!!!.” Mrs. Stacey Boehm, Locust Lane Elementary, Eau Claire, WI

“We have had Curtis Alan Hed perform for our Family Literacy Evening on several occasions and all have been extremely well received. This year we had record numbers and I believe his performance had a great deal to do with that. Mr. Hed has great appeal to our K-5 audience and ties reading in with a super magic show that entertains the adults as well. I would highly recommend this entertainer to others.” Cheryl Walsh, Holmen School District, Holmen WI

“Curtis is terrific. He had the kids’ wrapped around his fingers for 45 minutes. They clearly got the message that they can learn to do anything if they can read and were amazed by the magic!” Magic of Reading Show – Kathryn Wiant, Teacher – Becker Intermediate Elementary – Becker, Mn

“Curtis is amazing at relaying an important message to students in a way that is entertaining, interactive, and fun!” Rachel Weizenegger, Title 1 – Cromwell-Wright Elementary – Cromwell, MN

“It was very entertaining, and we were all impressed with the magic! He also had an excellent message about reading, and it was well presented.” Magic of Reading Show – Melanie Brose, Title 1 – Little Falls Public School District – Little Falls, MN

“Great Show. Loved the way Curtis was able to reinforce the importance of reading into his show. Kids loves it and the adults were very entertained.” Magic of Reading Show – Jill Griffith-McRaith, Principal – Little Falls Public School District – Little Falls, MN

“Thanks for bringing your show to us this year, the kids enjoyed it greatly.” Mr. James Hill Zumbrota Public Library

“Curtis says he doesn’t really do magic, but he did magic here…he lit up the room. The kids were amazed, the adults were amused and all had a great time.” Diane Shough, OSCEOLA PUBLIC LIBRARY – OSCEOLA, IA

“My students are still talking about the ‘Reading is Magic’ assembly from last week! The assembly was the perfect mix of entertainment, information, and motivation to read, read, read! Thank you for the great performance and the lesson that if it interests you, it’s in a book. Bravo! ” Mrs. Stepp – Heritage Intermediate, Wentzville, MO

“Kept students and teachers engaged. Loved the emphasis on use of reading and the library.” Mrs. Stacey Bradshaw – Heritage Intermediate, Wentzville, MO

“I was very impressed by the show. I thought Curtis was very friendly and great with the kids.” Dawn Starbeck, Heritage Intermediate – Wentzville, MO

“Curtis, I just wanted to tell you thank you for coming to Bryant. The kids and teachers loved your show!! We got lots of great feedback! Thanks again!” Mrs. Katie Demers – Bryant Elementary School, Sioux City, IA

“The students loved the program. Thanks for sharing your talents with us. God’s blessings on your tour.” Ms. Alyce Strong – St Pauls Lutheran School, Sioux City, IA

“Curtis did an excellent job entertaining our students! He was able to keep their attention during the performance. Some of my students even tried doing some magic tricks on their own when we got back. It was funny to watch them. Thank you for the awesome show!!” Washington Elementary School – Charles City, IA

“Magic always sparks a lot of creative thinking and the way you tied it into reading was good!” Magic of Reading Show – Cara Ludemann, Teacher – Washington Elementary School – Charles City, IA

“Very nice job! The kids were enthusiastic and you had a great way of keeping their attention and maintaining control. I had several kids who asked if they could go check out books about magic. Very entertaining and a great message too! Thanks for coming! Oh yeah, they love to see the teacher’s up front. :)” Magic of Reading Show – Tami Hummel, Teacher – Washington Elementary School – Charles City, IA

“Curtis’ program was very engaging for all of the children k-12! He also reinforced the message the going to the library and reading was a great way to learn about whatever you want. The time went very quickly. Some are still wondering how he did his tricks.” Andrea Doubt, Teacher – Grundy Center Elementary School – Grundy Center, IA

“[Curtis presentation] was very Entertaining. Reading is important in all areas of education and a lifelong learning experience.” Mrs. Brenda Deterling, Teacher Lincoln Piedmont Elementary, Duluth MN ’11

“Curtis was entertaining, educating and creative! Such a wonderful performance.”

Ms. Courtney Sertich, Title 1 Teacher, Vandyke Elementary, Cleraine, MN”

“Not only was the magic entertaining, but Curtis had a great sense of humor that kept the teachers laughing as well.” Beth Bittmann, Teacher, Franklin Elementary, Eveleth, MN

“It was entertaining. I appreciated the way you incorporated magic with using libraries.” Mrs Heather Larson, Teacher Franklyn Elementary, Eveleth, MN

“Thank Curtis for the lovely performance at the Franklin Elementary School! All of the Children and adults enjoyed the show. I appreciated that you had expectations for the kids and weren’t afraid to let them know! I also thought that you message about reading was perfect for our event! Thank you!” Melissa Lautiger, Teacher – Franklin Elementary – EVELETH, MN

“It was entertaining and held the attention of even my kindergarten students. They were amazed at the tricks that were performed, as was I. Reminding them about reading, going to the library and practicing their skills was woven nicely into the presentation. Keep up the great work.” Mrs. Lina Fiedlieb, Teacher Merrit Elementary, Mountain Iron, MN

“The performance was very entertaining and kept the attention of the students, even the ones who are typically a behavior problem. His sense of humor was also enjoyable! I really liked the way he repeatedly got the point across to go to the library and to keep reading! The students remembered that point well. If fact, when my students came back from the school library later that week, a few of them had magic books! 😉 This was a great show to have during I Love To Read month!” Tami Skadsem, Teacher – Merritt Elementary, Mountain Iron, MN

“Curtis, Thank you again for coming to Greenleaf School and performing your magic! I think the students as well as the adults enjoyed the evening. Thanks again,” Karla Winkelman, Title 1 – Greenleaf Elementary – Apple Valley, Mn

“Curtis did a wonderful job with our students during the day. I was watching all of the kids and they were all being entertained throughout the show. He had them so excited that many of them returned with their families for the evening show. Curtis had everyone’s attention, parents included. I would suggest Curtis’s show to any group or organization. You will not be sorry. Superb showmanship!” Ms. Donna Armbrecht – Lutheran Interparish School, Williamsburg, IA

“The recent Family Night held at the elementary was a ‘great evening,’ according to Mensink. He also said magician Curtis Hed was a hit.” Fillmore Central School, Preston, MN News Record – Bluff Country Newspaper Group

“Curtis did a great show for the kids he kept them involved and entertained he was funny and talented and would definitely want to see his show again my son loved it” Magic of Reading Show – , Parent – Jessie F. Hallett Memorial Library – Crosby, MN

“The Magic of Reading show we saw was enjoyed by both students and adults. Curtis mixed humor with magic and juggling. The “killer white dove” was especially a hit. Throughout the show, Curtis mixed in the message of the importance of reading and that you can get better at reading by practicing.” Ms. Sara Koivisto – Mabel-Canton Elementary, MABEL, MN

“THANKS for another terrific performance. You have a wonderful message and a fun way to deliver it! We received many positive comments about the show.” Stephanie Shea, Kennedy Elem School – Fargo, ND

“Children enjoyed it. Good interaction.” Title 1 ‘1 Horace Mann Elementary School, Fargo, ND

“Curtis, I heard nothing but GREAT SHOW after you were done, and several comments about how you really understand what it is like to be a teacher!! I was very impressed, and you can use my name or my school as a reference for yourself any time.” Ms. Lydia Gnos – Pepin El, Pepin, WI

“He held the students’ interest at both shows and delighted everyone with his magic and his humor. The program was entertaining and fun. We liked the message to students that reading is important. Students were talking about their favorite magic trick all day!” Chris Hora, Social Worker” Crooked Lake Elementary, Andover, MN

“The people seemed to really enjoy the show. Adults and children enjoyed the program and a couple of people (parents) asked me to get this program back. He appealed to all the ages, kept it moving, and there was audience participation which the people really really like.” Activities Coordinator – Northwest Regional Library – Thief River Falls, MN

“Curtis was fun and easy going. Very flexible and the children LOVED him.” Magic of Reading Show – Veronica Manthei, Children’s Services – Kansas City Public Library System – KANSAS CITY, MO

“Curtis does a really fun performance. Children and adults enjoy the magic tricks, juggling, and jokes.” Magic of Reading Show – Donna Newell, Children’s Librarian – Kansas City Public Library System – KANSAS CITY, MO

“Funny, engaging for the kids, interactive.” Magic of Reading Show – Megan Garrett, Associate – Kansas City Public Library System – KANSAS CITY, MO

“I’ve seen many of these tricks before, but Curtis’s timing and self-depreciating schtick make for a much more entertaining show. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.” Magic of Reading Show – Ron Freeman, Children’s Librarian – Kansas City Public Library System – KANSAS CITY, MO

“I thoroughly enjoyed myself.” Ron Freeman, Librarian, Kansas City Public Library, Kansas City, MO

“Curtis does a really fun performance. Children and adults enjoy the magic tricks, juggling, and jokes.” Donna Newell, Waldo Branch Library, Kansas City, MO.”

“What a great entertainer for both the students and the staff. A thoroughly enjoyable show, great comedy, amazing tricks, nice audience engagement. I especially liked the repeating message of going to the library and reading!!” Becky Nies, Teacher – Maple Lake Elementary – Maple Lake, MN

“Talented, awesome, amazed, freaked out, …good messages… follow your dreams, anything worth doing is worth doing really bad until you get better, don’t waste your time in school go there to learn. Enjoyable, entertaining!” Mrs. Koenen, Aplington – Parkersburg Middle School, Aplington, IA

“Curtis was amazing. The elementary students were in complete awe and I noticed the teachers laughing and enjoying it just as much as the kids. Curtis captivated the middle school and high school students. He performs a different show for this age group and the kids absolutely thought he was the “coolest” ever. He has a knack for speaking to kids and they respond. His magic is awesome as well.” Ms. Nancy Flanigan – Parkerburg, IA

“I like how you tie in the importance of going to the library, learning how to read, and practice to be good.” Ms. Stepanie Aaderks, Pakersburg Elementary School, Parkersburg, IA

“He is excellent with kids and keeps them in control at all times and I LOVED that!!!!” MAnn O’Conner, Parkersburg Elementary School – Parkersburg, IA

“Fun for kids and adults. Very entertaining.” Michael Mueller, Teacher – Watertown Mayer, Watertown, MN”

“Mr. Hed’s show is interactive, engaging, and hilarious for audiences of all ages – I loved it just as much as a teacher as my students did! I would highly recommend this show to others!”

Angie Johnson, Teacher – Watertown Mayer, Watertown, MN”

“Funny!” “Cool!” “Sweet!” “Mysterious!” “I liked your show very much.” 5th Graders, Watertown Mayer, Watertown, MN

“Curtis has command of the audience/students from beginning to end. Fabulous message of READ, PRACTICE, and USE A LIBRARY is repeated throughout the performance. Entertaining and educational.”

Ms. Joan Peterson – Champlin Elementary School, Champlin, MN”

“Very engaging and entertaining, the students were hooked” Andy Moore

Champlin Elem. Champlin, MN”

“Excellent show. It was the perfect show for the elementary audiemce. Curtis has an excellent sence of what teachers expect from a show. It was entertaining for the kids and just as entertaining for the staff. Great message!” Mr. Bill Wiard ‘9 – Countryside Elementary – Edina, MN

“Curtis Hed’s ability to ‘wow’ a crowd with magic is complimented by the fact that he is able to ‘work’ a crowd with magic. Just when you think the magic will send the kids careening out of control, Hed’s ‘magical’ words calms them instantly for the next act. This brillant performance tied in perfectly with our ‘I Love to Read’ month.” Nathan Monseth, Countryside Elementary – Edina, MN

“Curtis is so engaging with his audience! His show was informative as well as entertaining. My kids are still wondering how he did his magic! Fabulous job!” Susie Bergman, Laura Macarthur Elementary, Duluth, MN 2/9

“Good message, held students’ interest. The show was enjoyed by all.” Brian Gunderson, Laura Macarthur Elementary, Duluth, MN

“Excellent behavior management, and the magic tricks were amazing (I just don’t get how you do them, but I love being entertained by them). But, the best “magic” was how you kept the attention kindergarteners AND 6th Graders (and adults) totally focused on you. THAT is quite a feat. Thanks for coming! :)” Magic of Reading Show – Sheri Fossen, Superintendent – Wrenshall Elementary – WRENSHALL, MN

“All of the students in grades K-6 loved the show. He was very entertaining and made memorable connections with reading. Teachers told me that the kids talked about it for the rest of the day and that it provided good motivation for the kids to read. The bookmarks were wonderful…students were anxious to use them. The teachers loved it too!” Ms. Kathy Dugdale, Wrenshall Elementary, Wrenshall MN

“It was absolutely wonderful. My students thought they should see it again the next day!!!” Joan Nelson, Laura Mac Arthur El. – Duluth, MN

“The Magic Show had the students captivated! Curtis’ humor appealed to people of all ages–from the 4-year-olds to the parents and grandparents! He had a terrific way of reinforcing the importance of reading throughout his show. I would definitely recommend him to other schools looking for an exciting family event. ” Ms. Rebecca Volenec, Title I Coordinator, Granton, WI.

“age appropriate, kept the kids attention ” Shelly Benolkin, Parker Elementary – ELK RIVER, MN

“Funny, Entertaining, Energetic… Curtis does a nice job entertaining and reinforcing the Library.” Kira Kunkel, Corwith-Wesley Elementary now LuVerne – Wesley, IA

“Fantastic, Fun, Entertaining” “Curtis mixes in comedy, magic, and a lesson into his routine. He rewards good behavior with good magic. He has fun! I would recommend and have recommended to others.” Dan Collins, Twin Lakes Elementary – Elk River, MN

“Funny, Educational, Engaging – even the “little one’s

“Fun, Educational, Inspirational… Everyone LOVED the show!” Lisa Brill, Colby El – COLBY, WI

“Exciting and humorous… [I liked that he] told the students that he used the library to read about magic tricks.” Colleen Wondra, Montgomery Elementary – Middle School – Montgomery, MN

“The votes are in and you were a hit! Over the years we have had many motivation activities to Kick-off our “I Love to Read” month. Your “Magic of Reading Show” was the most entertaining and motivational show that we have had here since I Started teaching 31 years ago. The magic was excellent and the reminders about reading were powerful… thank you for the wonderful show; and for providing an excellent start to our month-long reading focus!” Magic of Reading Show – Bette Traxler – Le Center Elementary – Le Center – MN

“Fun, energetic, entertaining… He shares the great message of reading in a fun and entertaining way.” Ryan Johnson, Fieldstone Elementary School – St. Michael, MN

“Innovative, fun, imaginative… As a Librarian, I really appreciated Curtis’ message about the importance of Libraries and reading. Curtis presents a good clean show which has many jokes for all ages in the audience. It’s unusual to find an entertainer who is able to truly connect edwith the entire audience like Curtis does so effortlessly.” Kerry Preece, MCMILLAN MEMORIAL LIBRARY – WISCONSIN RAPIDS, WI

“Curtis is very connected with the entire audience. He involves the children with the magic tricks and draws in adults and children alike with his humor. I love the way he promotes reading during his show.” “Entertaining, fun and funny ” Carol Plocher, Delano Branch Library – Delano, MN

“Informative, entertaining, enthusiastic ” Jane Hvizdak, SPOONER PUBLIC LIBRARY – SPOONER, WI

“fun, entertaining, eye-popping ” , Ponemah El. – Ponemah, MN

“Dazzling, Humerous, Inspirational – 6” Peggy Beseres, Jessie F. Hallett Memorial Library – Crosby, MN

“Magical, entertaining, great! The students really enjoyed him. I like the way he set boundaries for the audience before he began so students knew how and when to respond.” Linda Miller, ELEM SCHLS CTRL GRDE SCHL – WAHPETON, ND

“Entertaining, educational, wow.” “It was great! Great way to promote reading and school. Entertaining & educational.”, HANKINSON PRIMARY SCHOOL 1 – HANKINSON, ND

“Interging, exciting, and fun… Great way to promote reading and school!” ,HANKINSON PRIMARY SCHOOL 1 – Hankinson, ND

“Curtis Alan Hed, a magician that promotes kids, libraries, and reading, came to visit the Corivith-Wesley-LuVerne Elementary on April 18th. He conducted a very exciting and motivational magic show for the students. His tricks amazed all that were in attendance. The importance of reading was reinforced through the whole show.” “Entertaining, Funny, Engaging ” Kari Carroll, Corwith-Wesley Elementary Schl – Wesley, IA

“Entertaining, fun, lively – Thank you for the nice message on the importance of reading.” Vinni Chomeau, GIBRALTAR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – FISH CREEK, WI

“Fun and wholesome ” “Curtis was relaxed and involved with the students. His reading message came through powerfully through magic.” Joan Finn, River Ridge El – Patch Grove, WI

“fun, appropriate, educational (message) ” , CAMBRIDGE PRIMARY SCHOOL – Cambridge, MN

“On behalf of our Elementary School we would like to extend our “Thank You” for a very entertaining performance! The kids are still talking about it and according to our librarian your book has been a BIG hit! Thanks for making a difference in the lives of children!” Sue Pakhurst, Wonewoc-Union Center Elementary

“Amazing, cool spectacular ” Sandy Neumann, JEFFERSON ELEM. SCHOOL – Blaine, MN

“Entertaining, enjoyable, fascinating ” Kathy Shish, Rice Lake Elementary – Maple Grove, MN

“Meaningful, entertaining, well prepared ” “Curtis does an excellent job of understanding the developmental stage of his audience. He expects good audience behavior and delivers an excellent show.” Judy Kaufman, Mississippi Magnet El. – St. Paul, MN

“The students absolutely loved the performance! I have received many requests to have you back. Thank you so very much for putting on a wonderful performance!” Ms. Theresa Higman ‘7 Cass Lake Elem. MN

“Entertaining, reinforcing of reading strategies, captivating (students listened) ” Bev Tieck, Lowell Elementary School – Sioux City, IA

“Entertaining – humorous – message ” Vonna Kingsbury, Hawthorne Elementary School – Sioux City, IA

“Entertaining Related to the importance of reading – captivating ” Vonna Kingsbury, Sunnyside Elementary School – Sioux City, IA

“Magical, awestruck, encouraging ” Charlotte Hass, Roseau El. – Roseau, MN

“Entertaining, very well prepared. Great interaction with students ” Sherri Berg, Oakdale El – Oakdale, MN

“entertaining, GREAT MESSAGE ” Jan Masterson, Lino Lakes El. – Lino Lakes, MN

“Thank you so much for coming to do you “Magic of Reading” show here at the library. It is always a pleasure to have you come. The audience always enjoys your program. We look forward to seeing you again next year.” “Another great show! Audience members young and old enjoy your magic and humor. We look forward to having you come again next year.” “Curtis always promotes checking out books from the library to gain knowledge about magic or any subject when he comes to perform here.” Ms. Carol Hoke, Cedar Rapids Public Library Cedar Rapids, IA

“fun, exciting, allows audience participation ” Carol Hoke, CEDAR RAPIDS PUBLIC LIBRARY – CEDAR RAPIDS, IA

“I received lot of feedback about the show – all good. It’s not often that everyone from kindergarten to 5th graders to teachers all have great things to say. We have all the media specialists meet in August and I will be sure to share our experience as well as your card with them.” “Attention grabbing, funny, fascinating ” Robyn Aaron, Riverview El. – Brooklyn Park, MN

“Enjoyable, great message. The program was greatly enjoyed by both students and staff.” “Enjoyable, great message.” Diane Vermett, CAPRON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – CAPRON, IL

“The message is great. We’re always trying to get the message to kids in one way or another.” “Entertaining, educational, fun.” Toni Houselog, POPLAR GROVE ELEM SCHOOL – POPLAR GROVE, IL

“Exciting! Captivating! Tought-provoking! ” Sharon Olds, MANCHESTER CONSOL GRADE SCH – POPLAR GROVE, IL

“Captivating, funny, amazing. He was organized and thorough with his preparation and delivery.” Michela Brisky, Northwood Sch – Minong, WI

“Entertaining, Amusing, Hilarious. Loved the connection to reading. Staff found Curtis’ show as enjoyable as the students.” Greg Johnson, Westwood El. – St. Cloud, MN

“Excellent show! Just the “shot in the arm” my family Reading Night needed. We had over 160 people in attendance. I’ve heard nothing but praise.” Cindy Schmitz, Ithaca El – Richland Center, WI

“fun, engaging, meaningful ” Patricia Schroeder, Cameron El – Cameron, WI

“Entertaining, amusing, informational” “He kept the entire elementary school transfixed. Many laughs.” Jackie Meeker, Hassan Elem – Rogers, Mn

“Wow… All students and staff had a wonderful experience. We truly enjoyed it.” Michelle Strait, KALEIDOSCOPE CHARTER SCHOOL – ROGERS, MN

“Energetic, entertaining, engaging. Very consistent with message of the importance of reading repetition was great.” , Oxbow Creek El. – Champlin, MN

“Entertaining, interactive, awestruck ” Anna Burnham, Washington Elementary School – Charles City, IA

“Creative – fun – educational.” “Great message! Libraries – Reading – Practice.” Bonnie Fear, Alburnett Elementary School – Alburnett, IA

“Educational! [Curtis] was very patent working with young excited children and kept their attention with a calm environment. Everyone real enjoyed the show, including the adults. Appealed to all ages.” “Intriguing, riveting (attention grabbing) entertaining, humorous, good message ” Marie Sunderman, PARK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – LE SUEUR, MN

“Fantastic, Exciting, Educational ” Marie Sunderman, PARK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – LE SUEUR, MN

“Entertaining, educational, excellent. Curtis show was entertaining, educational, excellent, Thanks You!” Nancy Dressel, SOMERSET ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – SOMERSET, WI

“I felt Curtis was delightful with his tie-in to the importance of libraries appropriate and “thought-out” yet not preachy” Audience participation was wonderful. He really drew them in.” “Engaging, enthusiastic, versatile ” Chris Robinson, AMES PUBLIC LIBRARY – AMES, IA

“Thank you for the wonderful performance at the Ames Public Library… We had a great turn-out… you really connected with the audience.” Magic of Reading Show 23 – Chris Robinson – Ames Public Library – Ames – IA

“Curtis appeals to all age groups. Several elderly folks volunteered how much they enjoyed the show.” “Engaging, Fun, Interactive ” Linda Reida, CARROLL PUBLIC LIBRARY – CARROLL, IA

“Nice management of the group. Kids enjoyed the show and talked about it all day. Dismissal was calm and orderly – playing the “quiet” music at the end was a great idea. Ephasis on reading was connected well to the magic.” Nancy Gardner, West Elementary School – West Liberty, IA

“The students and staff really enjoyed his performance.” “Entertaining, Funny, Enjoyable ” Randall Juhl, Eastview El. – Lakeville, MN

“Entertaining, magical, inspiring (inspires kids to read.) ” Jan Sacco, Oxbow Creek El. – Champlin, MN

“Fun, surprising, entertaining – The kids loved it! (Teachers did too). :)” Laura Webb, Riverview El. – Grand Rapids, MN

“Exciting, professional, motivational – The reading message was very clear. Thanks for an excellent show, again.” Kathleen Lockington, ARCADIA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – ARCADIA, WI

“Delightful! Entertaining! Fun! – Curtis Alan Hed enthralled the students with his magic tricks while clearly getting across the points that reading is important.” Nancy Matchett, 21st Century Comm Learning Ctr – LA CROSSE, WI

“Clever, humorous, interesting kids loved it.” Bob Slane, SECTION ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – MUKWONAGO, WI

“Entertaining, inspiring, inter-active.” Parent Comments – “Great magician! A wonderful way to reinforce the fun of reading.” “The tricks were amazing! It was great how [Curtis] encourages kids to read, visit the library, and to value reading.” “The Magician was fantastic.” “Great!” “Curtis was great! We laughed a lot!” “Great Entertainer!” Melissa Ganz, VIKING PRIMARY SCHOOL – HOLMEN, WI

“Engaging, Entertaining, Sincere. – The children were interested and interacted with Curtis. He promoted reading in a fun manner.” Mary Lou Kadera, Rockfield School – Germantown, WI

“Interesting, fun, Good Audience Involvement. Very Enjoyable.” Jan Weinhold, MACARTHUR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – GERMANTOWN, WI

“I would recommend Curtis as an entertainer for your school. He was great to work with in the planning stages. Curtis delivered an entertaining program with a valuable message.” Judi Kahoun, SPRING LAKE PK ADIM – Spring Lake Park, MN

“Wonderful! Exciting! Amazing! Curtis put on an excellent show that was talked about for days that followed. His message was great and the kids really enjoyed being active throughout his show with him.” Melanie Robinson, Spickard Elem. – Spickard, MO

“fun, fast, educational ” Mary Randall, Mark Twain Elem. – Rolla, MO

“Entertaining, amazing, and captivating – We thought his show show very age-appropriate, he was able to keep the attention of both the youngest and oldest audience members: his message motivated the students to read, read, read!” Dixie Edgar, Harry S. Truman Elem. – Rolla, MO

“Really Good, Funny, and Encouraging – I liked the way he related his magic with reading” Frances Cox, Col. John B. Wyman Elem. – Rolla, MO

“Humorous, inspiring, enjoyable…The Magic of Reading Show was entertaining for both children and adults.” Carolyn Hensley, EARL HANSON SCHOOL – ROCK ISLAND, IL

“Excellent, entertaining, Informative – The program was done professionally. I liked the way he involved the audience.” Velma Trentham, Meadville Elem. – Meadville, MO

“Fantastic! Remarkable! Amazing! Curtis is passionate about reading and magic, [He] combines the value of both in a fun delightful manner.” Kimberly Howard, MID-CONTINENT LIBRARY SYSTE – INDEPENDENCE, MO

“Great Performance ” Connie Hutchcraft, Keller Public Library – Dexter, MO

“Thanks you for coming to the Cedar Rapids Library… Your shows were “sell-outs” as usual and enjoyed by kids through grownups. I look forward to working with you again.

Ms. Carol Hoke ‘”

“Imaginative, Fun, Super ” Carolyn Olson, Willmar Public Library – Willmar, MN

“Fun, educational, inspiring ” Faye Helms, Kerkhoven Public Library – Kerkhoven, MN

“Dynamic, attention-grabbing, wholesome – excellent message, fun delivery, related well to kids grade 1-5” Leanne Snell, VALLEY VIEW ELEMENTARY SCHO – GREEN BAY, WI

“Funny, entertaining, & educational…I like how he encourages using the library to check out books on things your are interested in.” Emily Sickmann, Westwood El. – Prior Lake, MN

“Very adept at connecting with kids. Well worth the finical and time commitment.”


“[Curtis’ show is] very entertaining, a crowd pleaser, they love the audience participation. His show is enjoyed by both the young and the old. [He] is very nice & an easy person to work with.” Bruce Q, NEENAH CREEK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – BRIGGSVILLE, WI

“Fantastic, Active, Energetic – Curtis actively gets the audience involved with his show. He keeps the attention of his audience. Curtis sends a message to students to read. Curtis has kids laughing and in awe of his magic. The kids talked for days after the show!” Dan Collins, Otsego El. – Otsego, MN

“Entertaining, Amazing, Educational – The show was not only entertaining to the students, but the adults commented on how amazing it was. Our school library was overrun with requests for magic books and our local library had many students visit over the weekend. Thank you again! It was a wonderful show!” Chris Anderson, Rue Elementary School – Council Bluffs, IA

“Fun – academically centered – appropriate – I always kind of hold my breath when we have a performance I haven’t previewed. This time I just held my breath in amazement! Great Show!” Candace Spurzem, HOLLING HEIGHTS ELEM SCHL – OMAHA, NE

“Entertaining!! Great blend of comedy and magic! The Students and staff loved the show.” Sue Anderson, Trailview El. – Mora, MN

“Clever, funny… had an academic point of view and threw in some magic tricks for extra attention. Everyone loved his show!” Lincoln El. – Elk River, MN

“I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your performance was for the entire school. I have subbed for 18 years in the Elk River School District and have never seen such a fantastic demeaner as yours with a group of K-5th grade students. Your demeaner, your tricks and your handling of the audience was great. THANK YOU FOR SUCH A DELIGHTFUL TIME.” Magic of Reading Show – Birdie Rotramel – Lincoln Elementary, Elk River, MN

“Clever, entertaining, reading message was conveyed – Curtis Hed’s magical performance was a great kickoff activity for ‘I Love to Read Month’ his show was perfect!! Both students and adults enjoyed his performance.” Patricia Almos, HINCKLEY ELEM. SCHOOL – HINCKLEY, MN

“Kept kids attention ” Jean Dube’, Bloomsdale Elem. – Bloomsdale, MO

“Funny, exciting, entertaining – I liked the fact that he encourages reading through utilizing the library and schools. – Our volume of books out of our library increased tremendously.” Tina Zebas, Vineland Elem. – Desoto, MO

“Fantastic, enthusiastic, motivational – We had many positive comments from our students and teachers. They really enjoyed the show.” Gayle Stumpf, CARROLLTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – CARROLLTON, IL

“creative, attention keeping, energetic ” Shirley Fredricks, Buffalo Public Library – Buffalo, MN

“Entertaining & humorous for all ages, thought provoking, good reading message – Fun way to promote reading” Beth Gedde, Staples Elementary – Staples, MN

“[Mr. Hed’s show was] entertaining, funny, [&] appropriate. All our students from kindergarteners to 6th graders enjoyed Mr. Hed’s show.” Janet S., Coronado Elem – Salina, KS

“Entertaining, humorous, educational …kept students’ attention, left students talking about the performance the rest of the day!” Mary Wolfe, Solomon Grade School – Solomon, KS

“Funny, exciting, promoted reading ” Tammi Latham, East Union Primary Center – Afton, IA

“Spectacularly clever entertainment. It was amazing how library circulation increased… [We] were intrigued & excited about the show.” Connie Gooch, Vineland Elem. – Desoto, MO

“Entertaining, humorous, cleaver – Good comments about reading and the library.” Mary Depies, CHILTON CATHOLIC SCHOOL – CHILTON, WI

“‘attention-grabbing’… Curtis’ show was very well received by our k-8th grade students. The 45 minutes flew by and the students and teachers are still talking about [it].” Betty Anderson, TRI-VALLEY SCHOOL – COLTON, SD

“Entertianing amusing ” Marcia Schultz, Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton El. – Janesville, MN

“[Curtis show is] cleaver, funny, skillful, [&] entertaining… We liked the way [Curtis] sneaked in the message.” Louise Webb, PARK VIEW HEIGHTS ELEMENTAR – OMAHA, NE

“Entertaining, captivating, and humorous -This was a truly entertaining program that encouraged children to practice reading and to use the library.” Beth Slawson, SUNFLOWER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – PAOLA, KS

“Attention-getting, captivating, entertianing – Thank you for the great kickoff to our Reading Across America events. Your show was hysterically funny & your message about reading was loud & clear.” Nicole Steinmetz, Augusta Elementary School – AUGUSTA, WI

“Outstanding, FUN, Amazing” “The staff at Parker Elementary had nothing but praise for the performance of Curtis. He kept the crowd on the seat of their pants the whole time. His act was electrifying. His message was clear, to read to succeed. He used staff and students and kids loved this. Thanks Again Curtis… You did a Fantastic job. I’m still in disbelief about the card in the tie!” Daniel Collins, Parker Elem. School – ELK RIVER, MN

“Engaging, Funny, Entertaining… Teachers & Students both enjoyed the show! The magic was great & the kids loved how Curtis drew them in.” Denise Vonasek, Red Pine El. – Eagan, MN

“Amazing, fabulous, inspiring… The children really enjoyed Curtis’ message about reading.” Mary Holland, Sheridan El. – St. Paul, MN

“fun, surprising, exciting ” Bob Bean, Chisago Lakes Primary – Lindstrom, MN

“Entertaining, Funny, Educational ” Betty Klemensich, Babbitt El. – Babbitt, MN

“There were kids enjoying themselves and many participated who don’t usually do those things in school. It was a pleasure to see the kids excited and asking about the library after the show. [Curtis’ show was] motivational, entertaining, [&] encouraging.” Lisa Gross, CASS LAKE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – CASS LAKE, MN

“humorous, entertaining, fast moving” , Radcliffe Hubbard Elementary School – Radcliffe, IA

“Professional, educational, enjoyable ” James Lahmann, Durant Elementary School – Sumner, IA

“Entertaining, humorous, good message.” “[Curtis] infused importance of reading in a fun way… kids loved it, teachers too.” Lisa Miller, Turkey Valley Elementary School – Jackson Jct, IA

“Entertaining, funny, well done… Curtis did a great job. The children loved the show.” James Klapperich, SOUTHGATE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – AUSTIN, MN

“Fun, motivational, entertaining.” “[Curtis] does a great job of partnering reading, the library, and learning how to something through [his magic show].” Nancy Rudy, Heritage Elem. – Wentzville, MO

“[Curtis show is] fun, surprising, [&] educational. [I like] the control Curtis has with the children.” Mary Randall, Mark Twain Elem. – Rolla, MO

“Exciting, Motivational, Amazing ” “[Curtis] was able to keep the students and parent’s attention. I liked his message about the importance of reading and how you get better by practicing!” Lisa Quinlan, Hilltop El. – Inver Grove Heights, MN

“Fun, on-time, good communication – Enjoyed the show.” Tom Mundinger, Baldwin Elem – Baldwin City, KS

“[Curtis’] performance was excellent. It was very appropriate for both students & adults. He kept to the topic which was to promote reading & using ones library Velma Trentham, Meadville Elem. – Meadville, MO

“great ” Teacher, South Hutchinson Elem – S Hutchinson, KS

“Entertaining, educational, enjoyable – Curtis had 3 major points to his show that he got across very well. 1. You can find anything in the Library, 2. You must learn (improve) your reading. 3. Practice, practice, practice!!” Jane Kolstoe, Oklee El. (Now) Red Lake County – Oklee, MN

“Entertaining, funny, enjoyable.” “This show was a great reward for our students as a result of their hard work in reading. Hopefully your message will stick. Thanks!” Brad Armstrong, Missouri Valley Elementary School – Missouri Valley, IA

“Entertaining, Intriguing, Inspirational ” Juanita Lewis, Oakdale El – Oakdale, MN

“Entertaining and relevant – We are always looking for ways to boost our students’ interest in reading. Mr. Curtis Hed’s performance was not just a boost, it was a blast off. It was so very entertaining and relevant.” Joan Guckenberger, NORTH HUDSON ELEM SCHOOL – HUDSON, WI

This is a letter of recommendation for Master of Illusion Curtis Alan Hed. Mr. Hed was invited to help kick off a six-month reading incentive program at our elementary school. His energetic performance entwined magic and message which left students talking about both several weeks later. Student were enthralled by the mystery… Mr. Hed had teachers chuckling and children oohing and aahing throughout his performance. This was a very fitting way to introduce our reading program. I will even dare to use the word ‘perfect’ after hearing from several teachers in the building.” Joan Guckenberger, NORTH HUDSON ELEM SCHOOL – HUDSON, WI

“On behalf of the entire student body and staff at North Hudson Elementary, I wish to thank you fo your rousing performance. You have a wonderful way of entertaining and instilling an important message at the same time. Students were fully entranced during the whole show.

Many staff members expressed appreciations for the assembly, “…one of the best we’ve had.” It was a great kickoff to our reading incentive program. Our only regret is that we didn’t have a substantial number of books on magic tricks to satisfy the immediate demand in our library. Thank you very much.” Joan Guckenberger, NORTH HUDSON ELEM SCHOOL – HUDSON, WI”

“Motivating, humorous, and entertaining. [Curtis] communicates to elementary students, Great performance. Kids loved it – staff too!” Randy Holschbach, LAKEVIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – WHITEWATER, WI

“We really enjoyed having you! I especially liked the message you incorporated about the importance of reading and the library. A great way to start the school year!” “Entertaining, inspiring, uplifting ” Jan Benedict, Red Rock Central Elementary – Jeffers, MN

“Entertaining, engaging – The students were enthralled – the message about the importance of reading was there, but not hammered in – The magic show inspired some of our students to try and learn some tricks – the humor line was there and the laughs (but the humor was sometimes beyond them)” Marilyn DeKoster, Mckinstry Elementary School – Waterloo, IA

“The magic show was entertaining and delightful. The message you conveyed concerning the need to learn to read and use the library, plus the religious angle of being the best person we can be, and keeping close to God, was truly worthwhile.” “Entertaining, amazing, awesome.” Rita Green, Sacred Heart School – Maquoketa, IA

“Fun, Entertainment, exciting. He was very great with kids & involved everyone” Kendahl Goering, BENNETT LIBRARY – BENNETT, IA

“Fun, energetic.” “Curtis show had something for everyone young & old alike. It was great!” Kimshiro Benton, M M HOFFMAN PUBLIC LIBRARY – DYERSVILLE, IA

“Thank you so much for coming to do you “Magic of Reading” show here at the library. It is always a pleasure to have you come. The audience always enjoys your program. We look forward to seeing you again next year.” Ms. Carol Hoke, Cedar Rapids Public Library. Cedar Rapids, IA

“I had a number kids ask me if he was coming again next year, so he was a hit.” “Entertaining, Delightful, Surprising ” Denise Levenhagen, JOHN C. CLEGG LIBRARY – CENTRAL CITY, IA

Mr. Hed’s, “Magic of reading” program promoted reading and libraries in a fun and appropriate manner. [It’s] humorous, [&] engaging. Humorous, engaging ” Joan Blackwood, GIBRALTAR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – FISH CREEK, WI

“Teachers liked the tie with magic & importance of reading and using the library.” Amy Kiser, LINCOLN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – DULUTH, MN

“Age level appropriate for the whole school – good rapport with students – high energy performance.” “Entertaining, humorous, literacy emphasis.” West Elementary – Knoxville, IA

“Funny, exciting, magical – I appreciated Curtis patience in working out our schedule with both schools.” Christy Robertson, Mountain View Elem. – Mountain View, MO

“I heard so many positive comments after the show from students and staff. His message is so positive and encouraging. I will be calling [Mr. Hed] again in the future.” “Educational, motivational, fun ” Laura Shelton, Minnie Cline Elem. – Savannah, MO

“[Curtis show is] exciting! motivational! Fun! …The magic enhanced the overall message of reading & using the library.” Joni Rost, Washington Elementary – Ely, Mn

“Engaging – Entertaining – Mystifying. [We] appreciated the pitches for reading and finding information at the library. I was pleased to find everyone in the audience, of all ages, involved in your performance.” Sharilyn Bielefeldt, LAKE SHORE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – EAU CLAIRE, WI

“Upbeat, magical, amazing ” “Upbeat, magical, amazing – I would recommend either one of Mr. Hed’s shows for your group. They are entertaining, imaginative, and convey a worthy message.” Rachel Matuszak, Cromwell-Wright El & High School – Cromwell, MN

“[Curtis show was] entertaining, imaginative, conveys a worthy message. Thank you for both performance at our school. I heard a lot of students and adults talking about both shows. We all enjoyed you very much. Thanks again for being such a great person to work with.” Rachel Matuszak, Cromwell-Wright El & High School – Cromwell, MN

“Upbeat, magical, amazing ” Rachel Mantissa

“It was nice to just have a program which wasn’t so heavy: The magic show was lighthearted yet contained a valuable message.” Cromwell-Wright Sec. Cromwell, MN

“Creative, Skilled, hilarious & entertaining. I was impressed that you were able to reach all ages ..even adults:)” Beth Hovde, Becker Primary – Becker, MN

“Witty, Great Massage ” “Great message for promoting reading. [Curtis] is able to get the audience involved with the performance.” Dale Christensen, Becker Primary – Becker, MN

“entertaining, educational, EXCELLENT…Our staff enjoyed the show as much as our students” Warren Retzlaff, Lakeside El. – Lindstrom, MN

“Interesting, fun, magical… Mr. Hed kept everyone’s attention. His show was enjoyable for all. He also tied in reading which made our teachers very happy.” Joe Thimm, Taylors Falls Elementary School – Lindstrom, MN

“Fun, respectful, anticipating.” “Curtis brings magic and reading together! He talks to the students, not down to them. He entertained students from pre-k to 8th grade and held their attention.” Kathleen Courtney, SACRED HEART SCHOOL – REEDSBURG, WI

“The students and teachers loved the tricks and humor. They were spellbound for 45 minutes.” “Funny, captivating, interesting.” Analu Jurgens, Eagle Point El – Oakdale, MN

“Children were interested, intrigued, amazed ” , Earle Brown El. – Brooklyn Center, MN

“[Curtis] captured the student’s attention with his magic and then let them knew how important reading is to their success.” “Fun, good message ” Beverly Cheatham, Sullivan Elem. – Sullivan, MO

“entertaining, interesting ” , FORT CROOK ELEMENTARY – BELLEVUE, NE

“Educational, Fun, Entertaining ” Sue Fjelstad, Birchcrest Elementary School – BELLEVUE, NE

“[Curtis show is] funny, amazing, [and] surprising…the magic books are all gone from the library.” Verlane Hock, Avery Elementary School – BELLEVUE, NE

“[Curtis] kept the attention of preschoolers – adult. Great comments by the parents & Lions after the show! Thanks Again.” “Funny, captivating, & flexible ” Kieth Johnson, Lions Club – Saint Croix Falls, WI

“Entertaining, mysterious, fun ” Joyce Larsen, STANLEY COUNTY ELEMENTARY – FORT PIERRE, SD

“Entertaining, positive, & funny ” Julie Welding, Lucy Franklin Elem. – Blue Springs, MO

“Entertaining, amazing, fun!” “This show is a delightful way to promote reading to all ages. Children and adults alike are focused on Curtis’ every move and word. His ‘magical’ message will long be remembered.” Sherley Arneson, Saint Croix Central Elementary – ROBERTS, WI

“Fun, amazing, inspirational ” Claudia Leeds, WAMEGO LIBRARY – WAMEGO, KS

“Exciting and fun ..terrific…” “Educational, Funsical, Magical ” Barb Bracken, CARNEGIE REGIONAL LIBRARY – GRAFTON, ND

“Excellent Show, great interaction with the children and adults, good message for the children and very entertaining.” “Interesting, Educational, Entertaining ” Bryan McCormick, MUEHL PUBLIC LIBRARY – SEYMOUR, WI

“Fun, fast moving, entertaining for all ages. ” Carol Hoke, CEDAR RAPIDS PUBLIC LIBRARY – CEDAR RAPIDS, IA

“interesting and entertaining. ” Patricia Stewart, South Independence Branch – Independence, MO

“Great, surprising and wonderful. ” “The children love him and so do the parents. He is always welcome at our library.” Myrna Deese, EDGERTON PUBLIC LIBRARY – Edgerton, MO

“Great! Fantastic! Very, very entertaining! Curtis’s show keeps both child and adult audiences completely absorbed.” Penny Henry, Boardwalk Branch – Kansas City, MO

“Funny, silly and amazing. ” Mary Hopper, BUCKNER BRANCH LIBRARY PUB MID – BUCKNER, MO

“Entertaining, Amazing and Interesting. ” Kimberly Howard, Claycomo Branch Library – Claycomo, MO

“[Curtis] has good contact with the audience. He reaches all ages. [His show is] lively, engaging and entertaining.” Kimberly Howard, Blue Springs North Branch – Blue Springs, MO

“Professional and polished. ” Oak Grove Branch Library – Oak Grove, MO

“Funny, well-paced and entertaining! ” “[Curtis has] Great rapport with the audience. Great humor, magic and message. I’ve had teachers from every level comment how GREAT he was and students all loved him too! (This was the first time but hopefully not the last!!)” Rebecca Schmitz, RESURRECTION ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – GREEN BAY, WI

“[Curtis show is] connecting, engaging, and humorous. Very well received – said to be one of the best assemblies we’ve had.” Jim Maier, Northview Elem – Olathe, KS

“Fun, educational and fun. All the children seemed very excited and happy. They all got the concept that reading is fun and go to the library to get books, and practice, practice, practice. I like how he told parents to read to their children, even if they are not good readers, he also said he was(n’t) a good “out loud reader” until he kept reading to his kids and he got better at it.” Lori LeBrasseur, Evansville El. – Evansville, MN

“amusing, clever, funny ” Karen Evans, WIESBROOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – WHEATON, IL

“Captivating, interesting …It was very well received by all who attended.” Jonna Hicks, Clarence Elem. – Clarence, MO

“Entertaining and amusing. Curtis does an excellent job of capturing the attention of the audience from preschool age to adult. He is a good role model for students.” JWP Elementary, Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton El. – Janesville, MN

“Humorous, age appropriate, magic with a message, Flexible, willing to work with us with specific requests for a reading reward.” Barb Winfield, Wilson El. – Anoka, MN

“Eye capturing, hilarious, amazing – Age appropriate – elementary to adult!” Debra Brandt, LAKE SUPERIOR INTER SCHOOL – ASHLAND, WI

“Entertaining, fascinating, and motivating… The adults enjoyed it as much as the students did!” Jane Luehring, LAKE SUPERIOR INTER SCHOOL – ASHLAND, WI

“[Curtis] does a good job of entertaining the students and staff while at the same time showing the students how reading (Libraries) can make a difference in a person’s life.” “informative, entertaining, fun ” Ken Swetkovich, LAKE SUPERIOR INTER SCHOOL – ASHLAND, WI

“[Curtis Show is] Upbeat, enthusiastic and humorous. He held the student’s and adult’s attention for 45 minutes while he entertained us with humor and tricks” “Upbeat, enthusiastic and humorous. ” Sarah Praschak, SOMERSET ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – SOMERSET, WI

“The teachers all felt [that Curtis] did a great job at entertaining, controlling and educating the students.” Ms. Laura Meyer, Cordill-Mason Elem., Blue Springs, MO”

“Encouraging, pleasurable and creative.” Chilhowee Elem. – Chilhowee, MO

” Positive, fun and motivational. I overheard one of the kindergarten students say, ‘He’s so magical!'” Jane Greenwood, Horton Elementary School – HORTON, KS

“Suitable, accomplished, effective. ” Mike Conner, Isle Elementary – Isle, MN

“Magical, delightful and entertaining. The staff and students enjoyed [Curtis’] show. They laughed and were awed. [Curtis’] will be welcome to perform here again, no questions about it!

Thanks for the great show!” Mary DeYoung, Moose Lake Community School – Moose Lake, MN”

“We received many positive comments from students, parents and teachers. They said how educational, fun and positive [Curtis’] show was. We were all very pleased with [his performance].” Dawn McKinnon, COWERN ELEM. SCHOOL – NORTH ST. PAUL, MN

“Excellent. Great Reading Motivator. ” Kathleen Lockington, ARCADIA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – ARCADIA, WI

“Awesome! Entertaining! Curtis kept all students totally intrigued! An inspiring, fun-filled program!” Sharon Ivers, SUNSET ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – WHITEHALL, WI

“[Curtis Show is] fast paced, funny, [&] educational. Curtis did a nice job of promoting reading and making good choices, along with his magic tricks.” Jean Elvekrog, ST JOHN THE BAPTIST SCHOOL – WAUNAKEE, WI

“Fast-paced, entertaining and educational. ” Ruth Espenshieid, ARGYLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – ARGYLE, WI

“Funny, Quick, Surprising ” Anthony Shafer, LINCOLN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – PORT WASHINGTON, WI

“[Curtis was] very professional and appropriate with a clear message about making good choices and reading.” “Captivating, educational and fun! ” Stephanie Bahen, Churchill Elementary – Cloquet, MN

“[Curtis] had a good rapport with both students and staff. Very entertaining, funny and a very good magician. Kids and staff spoke about the show for days.” “Entertaining, witty and magical. ” Greg Oakes, Washington El. – Cloquet, MN

“exciting, fun-filled, entertaining. ” , Lusher Elem. – Florissant, MO

“Exciting, humorous and captivating.” “[Curtis] has a good rapport with students. Has the ability to reach varying levels. Gets his message across in an entertaining way. “Steve Baker, FINDLAY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – FINDLAY, IL

“Informative, interesting, entertaining. – Children really enjoyed the shows.” Nancy Herron, BUSHNELL PRAIRIE CITY ELEM – BUSHNELL, IL

“Good message. The show appealed to all ages.” “Entertaining, good message, funny. ” Sheri Garrett, TRINITY LUTHERAN SCHOOL – LANSING, IL

“[Curtis show was] energizing, magical and motivational. We really liked his repeated messages of going to your local library to research how to do something new and about not doing something you know is wrong. He was very energetic and entertaining!” Nicole Shillington, Corwith-Wesley Elementary now LuVerne – Wesley, IA

“Captivating – Interesting-Appealing to all ages. Good message to tie in with reading as well as doing ‘the right thing!’“ Fitchy, ST MICHAELS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – GRAND FORKS, ND

“Impressive, Humerous, Timely (tuned into todays kids.) ” Jill Parson, Red Lake Middle – Redlake, MN

“Capturing, entertaining, contagious. – Nice touch of theme to promote good choices and literacy.” Barbra Lockwood, ST LAMBERT ELEM – Sioux Falls, SD

“Entertaining, crowd pleasing ” , HORACE MANN ELEM – SIOUX FALLS, SD

“Good family fun. ” Kim Vittitow, Leon Elem – Leon, KS

“funny, meaningful, captivating. ” Julie Theisz, JEFFERSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – HARVARD, IL

“This was a marvelous assembly, It was very apparent that Curtis is extremely comfortable working with children. The children were fascinated with the magic, they enjoyed the humor and the program carried a very important message.” “Absolutely excellent assembly ” Eleanor Walker, JEFFERSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – PRINCETON, IL

“Fun, entertaining, meaningful. ” “Curtis’s show was good clean humor, mixed with magic, that entertained and enhanced each child’s wellbeing.” Tom Oven, Browerville El. – Browerville, MN

“[Curtis Show is] fun, exciting, [&] amazing. We really enjoyed the show.” Suzette Brandon, Sullivan El. – Minneapolis, MN

“Fun, entertaining, educational. ” Brent Haugen, Elk River Community Education – Elk River, MN

“The more positive comments the better! – and we had them!! [Curtis] related the show to the library and reading.”

Ms. Judy Weis ’00 & (’03)

Foley Library, Foley, MN”

“Fun, exciting, amusing.” “Very positive, promotes literacy, great with children, everyone leaves with a smile.” Georgia Jones, ELK RIVER PUBLIC LIBRARY – Elk River, MN

“I heard rave reviews from parents and kids after the show ended! Thanks” Ms. Amy Wittman, Buffalo Public Library, Buffalo, MN”

“entertaining, funny, surprising ” Karen Peterson, Benson Public Library – Benson, MN

“The children and parents enjoyed themselves. His set up is easily adaptable to any number of spaces, and he is polite, courteous, and great at customer service.” “Entertaining, fun energetic. ” Sonja Timmerman,, ORTONVILLE LIBRARY – Ortonville, MN

“professional, funny, talented ” Margret Northcraft, Hannibal Public Library – Hannibal, MO

“amazing, fun, professional ” Peggy Northcraft, Hannibal Public Library – Hannibal, MO

“one word: “supercalifragilisticexpealidosious” I especially liked the manner in which Curtis conducts his show. So many children’s entertainers feel the need to be loud, wild and crazy. Curtis is very calm, and wows the crowd with his ability, not his sound volume.” Pat Heiser ’00, Spirit Lake Public Library

“Fantastic, amazing and awesome ” Everlyn Williams, Woodland Edison Elem. – Kansas City, MO

“[Curtis show is] excellent, involving, [&] entertaining. He did a great job…. It was money well spent.” Sharon Ennis, Riverdale Elementary School – MUSCODA, WI

“Great! Child-oriented! Educational with a message! ” Jeni Krause, Lake of the Woods Elementary – Baudette, MN

“Curtis did a wonderful job entertaining the audience and at the same time sent the positive message about reading …[Curtis’ show was] entertaining, funny and educational.” Sheryl Meyer, Lien Elementery School – AMERY, WI

“Entertaining, intriguing and fun – Very enjoyable show for all ages. Thanks for such a great performance. ” Tara Steele, Kids Company – Prior Lake, MN

“Captivating, entertaining, and motivating. ” , – ,

“[Curtis Show is] entertaining, funny, educational …The show held the children’s attention and provoked thinking and wonder.” Jennie Young, Northwestern Elem. – Mendon, MO

“Entertaining, professional and funny. ” , Westview Elem. – Excelsior Springs, MO

“Parents and students alike enjoyed his show. Curtis is very personable and emphasizes reading in a fun way.” Sheila Wheeler, Alton Elem. – Alton, MO

“Curtis has the attention of the audience 100% throughout.. A great job of combining his magical tricks and still sending a valuable educational message!” Rich Thomas, Martensdale Elementary School – Martensdale, IA

“[Curtis show was] outstanding, relevant (to school theme), [&] professional… Kids appreciated the magic and adults loved Curtis’ humor.” Cynthia Martinek, Parker Elementary School – Belmond, IA

“Mystifying, impressive, funny. I liked how he stressed doing the right thing and importance of reading.” Connie Pracht, Victor Ornelas Elem – Garden City, KS

“[We] Appreciated [Curtis’] emphasis on using the library and the importance of reading.” “Amusing, riveting, entertaining. ” Tinese Ammons, Jennie Wilson Elem – Garden City, KS

“[Curtis’ show was] funny, dazzling, and magical. It was an award for reading 200,000 minutes in 10 days… The adults are still laughing. We had a great time!” Barb Graham, Washington El. – Rochester, MN

“[Curtis] did an outstanding job… [we] received many compliments from teachers, parents and students. The kids are checking our Magic books from our library like gang busters!” Cam Newman, Green Tree Elem. – Lake St Louis, MO

“Curtis entertained the adults as much as the kids. He did a great job.” Ms. Libby Gall, Keller Public Library, Dexter, MO”

“It was an excellent show – the children loved it, as did the teachers.” “Funny, entertaining, enjoyable. ” David Newman, SOUTHPORT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – KENOSHA, WI

“Children loved the show. Teachers thought the humor was superb.” “Funny, Surprising, Entertaining ” John Kraker, Osakis El. – Osakis, MN

“Lively, fun, entertaining.” “[Curtis has] am excellent show and did a great job relating reading and magic. The students loved the show! Thanks, thanks, thanks!” Lisa Richardson, GRANTON AREA SCHOOL – GRANTON, WI

“[Curtis show is] interactive, fun, awesome…We appreciate the reading message [and] (the importance of using library resources) also interspersed throughout the performance.” Candi Lynch, Harrison Elementary School – Cedar Rapids, IA

“[Curtis] made [his show] exciting as well as a learning experience. Everyone really enjoyed it, adults as well as the children.” Larry Dawson, Central City Elementary School – Central City, IA

“Entertaining, encouraging, fun – He tied learning magic and business to reading.” Laura Boyd, Bolivar Intermediate Sch. – Bolivar, MO

“Captivating, humorous, amazing – Very Entertaining” , Bolivar Primary – Bolivar, MO

“Fun, exciting, entertaining. ” Kim Ensminger, Marmaton Valley Elem – Moran, KS

“[Curtis’ show is] funny, creative, engrossing…The adults were intrigued as well.” Mari Anna Daugherty, West Bourbon Elementary – Uniontown, KS

“entertaining, amazing, slapstick. ” Joan Arth, Alexander Doniphan Elem. – Liberty, MO

“Entertaining & Amazing. [Curtis] does a nice job of conveying the idea that through reading, you can do anything.” Donella Pauli, WEST HARRISON SCHOOL – MONDAMIN, IA

“upbeat, entertaining ” , Hunt Elementary School – Sioux City, IA

“Great! Entertaining! Funny! He did a nice job relating to the students and stressing the importance of reading.” Kent Sabin, LINCOLN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS – ROCHELLE, IL

“[Curtis’ Show] kept the interest! Very good message and was very student friendly.” Neil Swanson, LINCOLN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS – ROCHELLE, IL

“Involving and humorous. Very appropriate level of involvement.” Carolyn Van Dyke, Lincoln Elementary School – ROCHELLE, IL

“Humorous, entertaining and excellent. Curtis’ subtle sense of humor was great.” Terry Ator, LINCOLN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS – ROCHELLE, IL

“[Curtis Show is] amusing, clever, [&] entertaining …The students were amazed and amused by his tricks and juggling. He sends out a good consistent message to read and go to the library. The students really enjoyed the “killer” dove! Sherry Hollowell, Riverside Community North Elementary – Oakland, IA

“Exciting, entertaining, fabulous – Curtis related well to his audience!” Joan Jackson, Mount Ayr Elementary School – Mount Ayr, IA

“[Curtis show is] engaging-awesome-educationally [&] entertaining. This is the 1st assembly that I’ve attended that held everyone’s attention; kindergarten through fifth grade (including all discipline problems – there weren’t any).” Sue Wilke, Grant Elementary School – Muscatine, IA

“Curtis show is] Fun, Funny, Captivating, [&] Appropriate …Good message. Great connection to students and their experiences.” Sierra Jackson, Custer Hill Elem – Fort Riley, KS

“Child-friendly, Ageless, Outstanding. [Curtis’] performance was appropriate for all age levels and timed to keep the student’s attention. His magic was intriguing. We appreciated the fact that [Curtis] emphasized the importance of reading.” Judy Ward, Jefferson Elem – Ft Riley, KS

“Mr. Hed is a very talented magician, juggler, and comic. He knows how to get the audience involved and anticipate his every move. The children and parents were very pleased we invited him to our

Title 1 Parent Meeting. We appreciated his comments on the importance of reading & using the library!” “Entertaining, humorous, surprising.” Jan Barnard, ELEMENTARY SCHOOL AT HERMAN – HERMAN, NE”

“[Curtis Show is] energetic, humorous, [&] engaging …I thought Curtis had an engaging sense of humor with his audience. The magic part of the show was excellent. The theme of reading to learn was a nice message for students.” Robert Davis, Crestview Elementary School – Clive, IA

“[Curtis Show was] entertaining, memorable, [and had a] great message. People talked about it for days.” Patti Beilsuss, FREMONT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – FREMONT, WI

“Innovative, creative, professional ” “Was a great program for our library to sponsor” Betty Nobiling, WESTSIDE PUBLIC LIBRARY – WESTSIDE, IA

“Fun, Amazing, Humorous.” “I appreciate his message (the importance of reading, owning a library card, etc.). He has a wonderful sense of humor and has a good rapport with the audience.” Claudia Leeds, WAMEGO LIBRARY – WAMEGO, KS

“Fun – enjoyable (a great success). ” Pat Engebretson, BELLE FOURCHE PUBLIC LIBRARY – BELLE FOURCHE, SD

“entertaining, amazing, humorous. ” Elaine Perry, Grace Balloch Memorial Library – SPEARFISH, SD

“funny, original, spellbinding ” Leeann Paananen, LEAD PUBLIC LIBRARY – LEAD, SD

“fun, interactive ” Nancy Berke-Hutchison, DEADWOOD LIBRARY – DEADWOOD, SD

“Professional, kid-friendly, entertaining ” “Mr. Hed had great rapport with his audience – he was very relaxed and quite entertaining. The audience hated to see the show come to an end!” Robbin Schupp, GRANT COUNTY LIBRARY – MILBANK, SD

“Lively, Fantastic, Amazing ” Kathy Bunt, SPIRIT LAKE PUBLIC LIBRARY – SPIRIT LAKE, IA

“fun, crowd pleasing, polished ” “Humorous, educational, engaging – He held the interest of all ages for the whole performance.” Carol Hoke, CEDAR RAPIDS PUBLIC LIBRARY – CEDAR RAPIDS, IA

“Curtis Alan Hed brought his Magic & Comedy Show to Scott City as the “Kick-off” for our Summer Reading Program. Those attending the show were very appreciative in their comments to us. We felt Curtis did an excellent job of entertaining the entire audience, from pre-school to adult. His program stressed use of the Library… Entertaining, educational, excellent” Julie O’Brien, SCOTT COUNTY LIBRARY – SCOTT CITY, KS

“Definitely a performance for the whole family. Delightful humor that brings everyone a lift. My husband says thumbs up for Curtis Hed’s humor, talent and care of his audience.” “Uplifting, delightful, funny ” Sharon DuBois, JAY JOHNSON PUBLIC LIBRARY – QUINTER, KS

“Every summer children want to know if Curtis will be back. I never tire of his show. He never fails to hold his audience spell-bound.” Helma Hawkins, Kansas City Public Library System – KANSAS CITY, MO

“Entertaining with a message. ” Natalie Boger, Missori River Regional Library – JEFFERSON CITY, MO

“Entertaining, fast-paced, fun. ” “It is my Pleasure to recommend Curtis Alan Hed’s Magic & Comedy Show. Although conditions were not ideal, Mr. Hed kept the audience involved in his performance. He is easy to work with and accommodated our need to have his performance outdoors because of accessibility issuers. Mr. Hed promotes reading and library use. We Like him!” Jan Pease, LITCHFIELD PUB LIBRARY – Litchfield, MN

“Exciting, professional, wonderful.” “Curtis Alan Hed performed his Magic Show recently at the Willmar Public Library. His performance was excellent. His magic appeals to adults as well as children. In addition to entertainment he promoted reading and books. The Pioneerland Library System has hired Curt many times and always enjoyed an exciting, professional program.” Carolyn Olson, Willmar Public Library – Willmar, MN

“[Curtis show is] motivational, entertaining, and most important (encourages reading) …Everyone felt he was the best show we have had for our students.” Sharon Egers, Irene -Wakonda Elementary – WAKONDA, SD

“Funny, Amusing, Entertaining ” “Curtis is a very entertaining individual. The students enjoyed his show & message.” Sue Morrison, IRENE ELEM – IRENE, SD

“Enjoyable, Entertaining, Exciting ” “Curtis related very well to the elementary audience & displayed a fabulous sense of humor. He left us wanting to see more!” Laurie Rehnstrom, COLERIDGE ELEMENTARY – Coleridge, NE

“fun, enjoyable, – good message ” Stephanie Petersen, Laurel – Concord Public School – Laurel, NE

“[Curtis’ show was] entertaining, funny, [&] exciting. I like how [Curtis] incorporated reading with magic.” Tammy Parker, BIRNAMWOOD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – BIRNAMWOOD, WI

“We liked the way he encouraged children to read and to go to the library” Jo Richey, Lovejoy Elementary School – Des Moines, IA

“[Curtis’ show was] funny, exciting, [and had a] good message.” Janelle Heainer, LONGFELLOW ELEM – MITCHELL, SD

“[Curtis] has a great message. He is excellent in his rapport with young audiences.” “Entertaining, fun, educational.” Joyce Paulson, G B ROGERS ELEM – MITCHELL, SD

“This was an excellent show. Not only did Curtis entertain us, but he delivered an important message by stressing the impact and necessity of reading.” “Creative-humorous-entertaining-information-enjoyable. ” Nedyne Gustafson, Northern El. – Bemidji, MN

“Fun, entertainment, captivating – He had great interaction with the kids and it was good he promoted reading along with it, too.” Kristie Knaup, FRANK LAYDEN ELEMENTARY SCH – Frontenac, KS

“Entertaining, funny, exciting – He really stressed using the library and reading. He was able to reach all ages.” , Winfield Elementary School – Winfield, IA

“fun ” Stephanie Becker, IOWA VALLEY CMNTY ELEM SCHOOL – Marengo, IA

“Fast paced, classy, creative, and very professional.” Charley Johnson, ULEN HITTERDAL ELEM SCHOOL – Ulen, MN

“entertaining, magical, amazing ” , ULEN HITTERDAL ELEM SCHOOL – Ulen, MN

“entertaining, informative, talented. ” Corene Olson, ULEN HITTERDAL ELEM SCHOOL – Ulen, MN

“Outstanding, child-centered, fun. It’s a great message for kids!” Jerry Hanson, Heart of the Lake El. – Perham, MN

“Appropriate, humorous, exciting ” “[Curtis] performed a magic show for our K-8 grades in an assembly and did a wonderful job.. .I would not hesitate to have him back.” Brenda Vangilder, Humansville Elem. – Humansville, MO

“Funny, attention – getting, entertaining – Everyone was totally entertained.” Kathy Logan, Lincoln El. – Little Falls, MN

“Entertaining, worthwhile, fascinating ” Lisa Shoutz, DOCTOR S. G. KNIGHT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – RANDALL, MN

“Organized, fun, timely – Like the message about Reading.” Marsha Muller, LAURA B ANDERSON ELEM – SIOUX FALLS, SD

“Energetic, appropriate & entertaining. ” Kris Happe, Osseo Elementary – Osseo, MN

“Entertaining, enjoyable, kid oriented …I liked how he tied reading & going to library with magic.” Jane Morken, NORTHWOODS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – LA CROSSE, WI

“humorous, educational, engaging ” Hot Springs Elementary School, HOT SPRINGS ELEM – HOT SPRINGS, SD

“Inspiring, motivational, fun… The students are still talking about the show and how much fun it was.” Susan Willard, Harrisonville Elem. – Harrisonville, MO

“Entertaining, positive, funny. ” Nancy Lewis, Worth Co. Elem. – Grant City, MO

“Fun, appropriate, entertaining You seem to understand children well -The children loved your show.” Ann Arndt, Messiah Lutheran – INDEPENDENCE, MO

“Fantastic Magic Show. Curtis’ show was a great magic show, involving children & books.” Pat Mount, CENTERVILLE ELEM – CENTERVILLE, SD

“[Curtis’] show was entertaining and very well done. I appreciated the control Curtis had of the audience of 300+ kindergarten through 6th grade students. The program was very appropriate for National Children’s Book Week because of the numerous references to the library.” “Entertaining, Professional, Humorous ” Judy Ward, BERESFORD ELEM – BERESFORD, SD

“Entertaining, Mystifying appropriate for level of audience. All the kids enjoyed the show, Jr. High Sr. High, and Elementary. Good way to present the importance of reading. Kids were in the library asking about books on magic.” Dale Pruter, Syracuse Elem – Syracuse, KS

“Well organized, manages students well, holds students attention. Reinforces learning – Great emphasis on the library! Engages the audience including staff.” Eric Kaiser, Homecroft El. – Duluth, MN

“Entertaining, fun, humorous – The kids really enjoyed your show-they commented, “Wish he could have done even more tricks!” Stacie Schultz, South East Elementary School – Burnside, IA

“Amusing, Age-appropriate,[&] Educational – The Students have been asking for books on magic and illusions. Jeri McCollister, Heritage Elem. – Wentzville, MO

“Sends a strong message about literacy & values.” Mary Livingston, DELTA PUBLIC SCHOOL ELEM SCHL – DELTA, MO

“Exciting, entertaining, fun. ” Karen Higgs, Cole Camp Elem. – Cole Camp, MO

“energetic, encouraging & entertaining ” Lori Wilson, Westview Elem. – Neosho, MO

“[Curtis show is] interactive, entertaining, [and] informative. ” Elaine Franks, California Elem. – California, MO

“Entertiaining, captivating, amusing ” Debbie Webster, Westview Elem. – Neosho, MO

“Witty fast-paced, enjoyable ” Pat Mithelavage, Republic Elem. Ii – Republic, MO

“I know that many of the children took [Curtis’] message regarding the importance of reading to heart…” Ms. Carol Lohkamp ’98

“[Curtis’ show was] entertaining; inspirational; fun …the show was wonderfully done with a good message, plus it appealed to all age levels.” Sheila Taylor, Sacred Heart School – Boone, IA

“The Best Ever …Curtis is a superb performer and a great role model. It is the first time ever I have seen children of all ages so mesmerized.” Ms. Amy Bayes

“Interactive, engaging, captivating.” “[Curtis’] enthusiasm for reading and the library captured the attention of the children watching the show.” Marlena Boggs, MID-CONTINENT LIBRARY SYSTE – INDEPENDENCE, MO

“fascinating, entertaining, child-friendly ” Helma Hawkins, Kansas City Public Library System – KANSAS CITY, MO

“Amazing, veracious, awesome. Curtis was sincere in his messages to the children. He enjoyed being with us and performing. Thanks again for the great show and message. We hope to see you again.” Jackie Fountian, GLENCOE CITY LIBRARY – Glencoe, MN

“engaging, humorous, great magician. ” Mary Severson, EDEN PRAIRIE LIBRARY – Eden Prairie, MN

“[Curtis Show is] entertaining, funny, [&] enthralling…I especially enjoyed the way the importance of reading message was worked into the performance in an entertaining way.” Mary Thunhorst, SPIRIT LAKE PUBLIC LIBRARY – SPIRIT LAKE, IA

“Professional, Exciting, Fun ” Pat Parks, LAKE CITY PUBLIC LIBRARY – Lake City, MN

“fun, library, surprises ” Jackie Kreye, WABASHA LIBRARY – Wabasha, MN

“Another great show! Audience members young and old enjoy your magic and humor. We look forward to having you come again next year.” Ms. Carol Hoke, Cedar Rapids Public LIbrary

“refreshing, delightful, uplifting ” Amanda McNeill, CORDOVA LIBRARY – CORDOVA, IL

“funny, exciting, wonderful. [Curtis does a] wonderful show…The kids couldn’t wait to go to go home and tell Mom & Dad about it. Great entertainment for the whole family. Thanks for coming!” Cheryl Christianson, CUMBERLAND & MASSENA ELEM S – CUMBERLAND, IA

Masterful ..delightful. [Curtis] has excellent stage presence and report with the elementary students. They were continuously “oohing” and “ahing” and laughing out loud.” Louise Garner, PARK VIEW HEIGHTS ELEMENTAR – OMAHA, NE

“Intriguing, Entertaining, Fun ” J Ryan, PARK VIEW HEIGHTS ELEMENTAR – OMAHA, NE

“Funny, entertaining, rehearsed. ” “He was our best program all year!” Jean Peterson, PARK VIEW HEIGHTS ELEMENTAR – OMAHA, NE

“Entertaining, delightful, educational Curtis Alan Hed’s performance was well received by the students and staff. His promotion of literacy is magical!” Rita Vannatta, ROOSEVELT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – Sioux City, IA

“Magnificent, entertaining, professional.” “Curtis entertained the students while encouraging them to read. He is an excellent performer who appears to have a background in education. The children were thrilled with his performance and talked for days about it!” Phyllis Lillard, BOSWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – LEBANON, MO

“Enjoyable, entertaining, delightful ” Glenda Stratton, WILLIS J EZARD ELEM SCHOOL – CONWAY, MO

“The students were mesmerized… The show was not only comical, it encouraged reading & the use of the library.” Lisa Matthiesen, SKYLINE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – NORWOOD, MO

“Exciting, Mind-boggling, Fun ” , NORTH PARK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – MOBERLY, MO

“Fun, pro-literacy, enthusiastic – The emphasis placed on literacy and library is presented in a compelling nature.” Miriam Spencer, Independence Family Learning Center – INDEPENDENCE, MO

“Creative, intriguing, well balanced (for students and adult level. This was a very enjoyable and fun experience for each of us. Each one of us took away something valuable that we learned that day from Curtis. That is a challenge when you’re performing for such a range of individuals.” Phyllis Gibson, FRANKLIN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – JUNCTION CITY, KS

“Funny, magical and awesome. Curtis Alan Hed combines a great pro-learning message with his comedy and great magical abilities. Our community loved his performance.” David Toivola, FRANKLIN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – EVELETH, MN

“Great Job! Curtis is an accomplished showman. He establishes and maintains student rapport via participation.” Larry Dossett, WAPELLO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – Wapello, IA

“[Curtis show is] fun, entertaining, motivational …Curtis Alan Hed entertains students while teaching the importance of reading.” Karen Trageser, KASSON-MANTORVILLE SCHOOL – KASSON, MN

“Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed and appreciated your performance in Keokuk on February 26th. Our student body was thrilled and our teachers really enjoyed themselves as well! Of course, I personally loved it because our principal was impressed with you and, consequently, impressed with me for setting it up! You know how cool that is, don’t you?” Mary Lord, TORRENCE SCHOOL – KEOKUK, IA

“fun, exciting, meaningful.” “Curtis had an excellent way of working READING into his magic show, enthralled the kids and shared an important message with all of us!” Mary Lord, TORRENCE SCHOOL – KEOKUK, IA

“Magical, mystifying, funny – The kids seemed to be in awe as you performed. Most had never seen a magician. I really enjoyed your humor.” Katie Anderson, GRAND MARSH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – GRAND MARSH, WI

“Humorous, entertaining “A comical magic show, woven with a few important messages.” Kevin Loersch, ST JOHNS LUTHERAN SCHOOL – NEWBURG, WI

“[Curtis] was funny and the children enjoyed him a lot. He really encouraged the use of the library [&] had jokes that were suitable for all age levels.” Carmen Zuelsdorff, ST JOHNS LUTHERAN SCHOOL – RACINE, WI

“fun, surprising, entertaining ” Joni Jensen, UNITY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – BALSAM LAKE, WI

“We loved [Curtis’] performance. The children (and) adults thoroughly appreciated him.” Felissa Zander, ST FRANCIS SOLANUS SCHOOL – STONE LAKE, WI

“Curtis Hed’s performed his Magic and Comedy Show as part of our title 1 Family Night on January 13 1998. Our families found his show to be very entertaining. He held the attention of our young children for the entire time and yet fascinated the adults. We especially appreciated the fact that his show had a message for the students, including the encouragement of reading, safety facts, and respect for adults. Curtis was easy to make plans with, punctual, kept the audience enthralled the entire time, shared a message about reading, safety and respect. [The show was] Entertaining, fascinating, educational” Dee Crosby, WEST ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – HUTCHINSON, MN

“We enjoyed your magic show performed at our elementary school tremendously. The message you presented about finding out information at the library and making good choices was excellent! …The children really seemed excited about their next trip to the library after your show. Many of the students were still talking about it at lunch time. Your show kept the students entertained and involved as they were given many chances to participate. The humor was enjoyed by the whole audience (teachers definitely included!). Several teachers commented to me later that they really enjoyed the show and could see that their students did as well. The magic tricks were very fascinating and just when you think y-ou know what is going to happen, something totally unexpected takes place. This technique kept everyone in suspense. I would highly recommend your presentation to other schools or child-oriented organizations. It was a fun and entertaining show with a good message to boot!! I love the message about going to the library to find and use knowledge, and also avoiding poor choices.” Laura Shelton, MID BUCHANAN ELEMENTARY SCHO – FAUCETT, MO

[Curtis show is] Great!, fun – Fantastic… even held the attention of middle school students, which is rare. I have an assembly come in every quarter and this is one of the best I’ve ever seen.” Greg Thompson, MIAMI ELEM SCHOOL – MIAMI, MO

“45 minutes went by too fast. Both children and adults were entertained, and messages about reading and “doing what is right” were given in a straight forward manner, without being ‘preachy’.” Jan Anderson, GOLDEN LAKE ELEM. SCHOOL – CIRCLE PINES, MN

“We found the presentation to be captivating to an audience of all ages. A strong message of saying “no” to wrong choices & “yes” to reading was very good. We felt the program was well worth the money. Nancy Fargo, VOLIN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – VOLIN, SD

“[Curtis’ performance was] terrific, outstanding, [&] captivating. He was very entertaining as he had the children’s attention throughout the show. Not to mention sitting on the edge of their seats. He ties reading books in his act very well and has a lot of child participation. We all enjoyed his performance a lot. Thank you for coming.” Meredith Jenson, WEST HARRISON SCHOOL – MONDAMIN, IA

“Energetic, motivating, entertaining. We liked Curtis’] emphasis on importance of reading and visiting the library.” ,ST PATRICK SCHOOL – SHELDON, IA

“[Mr. Hed has] great audience rapport…[his] mixture of entertaining fun and good advice was well-done.” Deb Roggow, Alburnett Elementary School – Alburnett, IA

“Entertainment, amazing, involving – I’ve had several comments from parents saying how excited their child was about the show. Some have even checked out books on magic.” Myrna Drees, FAIRVIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – Carroll, IA

“Entertaining, enjoyable, rewarding [Curtis’ Show] was a neat way to get children interested in reading.” Karen Walker, BOSCOBEL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – BOSCOBEL, WI

“Entertaining, Fun, Captivating …Parents thoroughly enjoyed the show as well as the kids. A great family night activity!” Penelope Rittgers, WALLACE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – Des Moines, IA

“skillful, easy rapport with audience ” Judy Watts, DES MOINES PUBLIC SCHOOLS – DES MOINES, IA

From Students: “Cool, funny, neat, silly, interesting.” The kids were unsure about what the message was. I got comments like “Magic is Fun?” Some students did remember the library card and that they should read to learn about things.” Ms. Joanne Wittmeyer Parshall Elementary School, Parshall, ND

“Professional, humorous, enthusiastic ” , NORTH SHORE GRADE SCHOOL – RYDER, ND

“Wonderful – Captivating – Very Enjoyable ” Glenda Klein, ELGIN SCHOOL – ELGIN, ND

“It’s a great show! It’s got a good message, yet it’s fun for the audience without being overpowered by the educational aspect. Michelle Lind, KYLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – ROLLA, ND

“Our students [were] still talking about [Curtis’ show] a month later. What a wonderful and age-appropriate way to promote reading and the importance of learning! What child isn’t mystified my magic? The program grabs the student’s attention immediately and keeps it while the “message” is woven beautifully into the magic show.” Sandra Raab, Hillcrest Elementary School – Chippewa Falls, WI

“family, reading, entertaining ” JACKSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – STEVENS POINT, WI

“We had asked Curtis to emphasize reading, which he did in an exemplary fashion. …without a doubt, we will look forward to him returning. ” Coni Samsel, MASON CITY COMM SCHOOL DIST – Mason City, IA

“Magic was very good, comedy good, good moral tone throughout the show. Many good comments on your show. We want to have you come again.” Larry Conn, LIBRARY SHADLE MEMORIAL – PLEASANTVILLE, IA

“fascinating, fun, a real crowd pleaser ” Carol Hoke, CEDAR RAPIDS PUBLIC LIBRARY – CEDAR RAPIDS, IA

“Kids love magic and love live animal involvement. Reading message was great.” Barb Fisler, CHERRY VALLEY DISTRICT LIBRARY – CHERRY VALLEY, IL

“funny, fast paced, intriguing …I like the way he incorporated libraries in his show.” Putnam Co. Schools, PUTNAM COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRAR – UNIONVILLE, MO

“Professional, funny, talented …Very enjoyable performance for kids and parents.” Nancy Howland, Hannibal Public Library – Hannibal, MO

“fun, library-oriented, magical ” Judy Decker, QUINCY PUBLIC LIBRARY – QUINCY, IL

“magical, spellbinding, informative ” Elaine Perry, Grace Balloch Memorial Library – SPEARFISH, SD

“[Curtis show is] funny, engaging – great! [Curtis] truly connected with his audience. They stayed with him throughout the show and he never let them down. He was certainly in tune with them!” Martha Altemose, CHERRY VIEW ELEMENTARY – LAKEVILLE, MN

“Amazing, intriguing, fantastic. Curtis was very good. The students and staff were truly amazed and mystified by his performance.” Heather Madison, WOODLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – BARRON, WI

“[Curtis’] program fit goals of Title I – encouraging students to read, fit library program – encourage students and families to visit the library – school and community – fit point – fun activity for family – students and parent together (program was fun for parents also.)” Susan Roehrich, GRAND MEADOW ELEM. SCHOOL – GRAND MEADOW, MN

“[Curtis’ show is] intriguing, entertaining, stupendous …I liked the way he encouraged kids to read and go to the library to seek information. The magic of reading is an asset Curtis portrays.”

Ms. Marlene McCabe, Mabel-Canton Elem ’97, Mabel, MN

“Super, Awesome, Humorous He does a sweat job of keeping the audience’s attention. His message about using the library & reading is using the library & reading is worked into his program in a very creative way!” Phyllis Casper, WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP ELEM SCH – KALONA, IA

“[Curtis’] show was very enjoyable and kept the attention of the students well focused throughout the entire performance.” Iris Holder, GEBHARDT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – Black River Falls, WI

“Good messages, entertaining ” Richard Hansen, GEBHARDT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – Black River Falls, WI

“Appropriate, Entertaining, Just Great Fun Presentation enjoyed by all – Adults, all age siblings, and kindergartners. He comes fully prepared and with all equipment.” Mary Ann McNeill, COLUMBIA HEIGHTS SCHOOL DIST. – COLUMBIA HEIGHTS, MN

“Great Family Entertainment Keeps attention of all ages. Focus Magical and Reading. Very professional.” Mary Ann McNeill, FRIDLEY SCHOOL DIST. – FRIDLEY, MN

[Curtis’ show is] exciting, fun-filled, [&] sincere. Parents and adults were just as amused as the kids. A great evening for the whole family. Everyone left with a smile on their face.” Ms. Shelly Boespflug

“Funny, Face Paced Good message… Kids need to hear this.” Bob Nickerson, ZIMMERMAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Zimmerman, MN

“Enjoyable, great audience participation – We enjoyed his message on how to follow good examples and not be a follower of bad examples.” ST MARYS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – LITTLE FALLS, MN

“Entertaining – creative – educational. Curtis emphasized the importance of reading for information.” Bill Swope, WEST SIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – MARSHALL, MN

“While entertaining, Curtis reinforces the “right” decisions and promotes reading & libraries. [His show was] exciting, funny, [&] magical.” Danna Jo Neugebauer, L.B. Williams Elementary School – MITCHELL, SD

“Unique, clever, entertaining His message was good. He did a great job of holding the student’s interest, had a good rapport with all the students. The students really enjoyed it.” Kay Ainslie, PHILIP ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – PHILIP, SD

“entertaining, motivational, magical! Curtis’s program was an excellent motivator. [The adults] as well as the children, enjoyed his sense of humor and jokes. All got involved in the show.” Linda Adams, STETTIN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – WAUSAU, WI


“Wonderful; excellent; great – Kids were talking about it for days. Key words around here are now “Go to the Library.” Ms. Anita Rusin, St Joseph Cathedral School, La Crosse, WI

“creative, played to the audience, funny ” Patricia Almos, HINCKLEY ELEM. SCHOOL – HINCKLEY, MN

“[Curtis Show is] intriguing, Educational, [&] Fun. Curt reinforces the importance of reading. He is constantly reminding his audience how he made his props and created his magic show from reading books.” Kathy Harrington, CENTENNIAL ELEM. SCHOOL – CIRCLE PINES, MN

“Entertaining, informative, [&] energetic. [Curtis show] was an opportunity for parents and their children to share and discuss a common event. Great comments from parents!” Audrey Severson, PRAIRIE VIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – HAGER CITY, WI

“Curtis is the kind of performer you want to have your students and their parents see. He has a wonderful way of getting across some pretty strong messages without being ‘preachy’.” “Educational, entertaining, enjoyable ” Sherley Arneson, SAINT CROIX CENTRAL ELEM SCHOOL – ROBERTS, WI

“[Curtis] did an excellent job of promoting the use of the library without being preachy or turning the kids off.” Carol Murphy, ELCHO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – ELCHO, WI

“[Exciting, entertaining, [&] motivational. Curtis entertained us for 45 minutes and audience participation really kept them involved in the show. ” Dee Swenson, LINCOLN PRIMARY SCHOOL – Richland Center, WI

“Creative, entertaining, imaginative ” Chris Gowey, SOUTHSIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – SPARTA, WI

“Entertaining, fun and enjoyable. ” Rosemary Hornung, WALHALLA PUBLIC LIBRARY – WALHALLA, ND

“wonderful, funny, entertaining ” Nancy Lee., BIG LAKE LIBRARY – Big Lake, MN

“fun, dynamic, exciting ” Georgia Jones, ELK RIVER PUBLIC LIBRARY – Elk River, MN

“professional, fun, fast paced ” Cathy Maguire, DAKOTA COUNTRY LIBRARY – – Farmington, MN

“Captivating, funny, worth-while, and very professional – students enjoyed the entire show – all attention was on Mr. Hed. Parents also enjoyed program.” Ms. Wendy Ollanketo – 1996 – Marengo Valley Elementary School – Ashland, WI

“Entertaining, Responsive, Adaptable Appreciated his flexibility – the fire alarm went off and he simply moved his show outside and continued.” Marie Johnson, SUMNER ELEM. SCHOOL – AUSTIN, MN

“Funny, entertaining, polished ” Maria Jennings, CAROLLTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – OAK CREEK, WI

“humorous, fun, super ” Terry Strom, Evansville El. – Evansville, MN

“Very good, well presented, good message – Kids really enjoyed the program.”

 ’96 Pedersen Elementary School, Altoona, WI”

“Good crowd control, educational & recreational, fun ” Delores Lang, HOWARD LAKE LIBRARY – Howard Lake, MN

“Entertaining, audience participation, aroused curiosity – He does a wonderful job at holding the audience’s attention.” Lois Stach, ALGOMA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – ALGOMA, WI

“Entertaining, fantastic, exciting ” Nancy Pertile, ST Peter the Fisherman School – Eagle River, WI

“Curtis offered an entertaining show while reminding students of the importance of using books to learn about areas of interest. [The show was] energetic, [and] exciting!” Ms. Lee Drolet-Cook Sonnesyn H O Elem. New Hope, MN”

“Entertaining, motivating and clever. [Curtis] shared his difficulty in reading yet he went to the library and got out books on magic.” Ms. Ginny Bergerson, Washburn Elementary School, Bloomington, MN

“Good messages (about libraries and choices), good delivery, good control of group. An excellent program …fun, sharp, awe inspiring!!” Ms. Peggy Beseres, Crosby Public Library – Crosby, MN

“Definitely keeps the kids interest (all ages). I Strongly recommend his show.” Linda Torgerson, CHISHOLM PUBLIC LIBRARY – CHISHOLM, MN

“fascinating, fun, real audience pleaser.” CEDAR RAPIDS PUBLIC LIBRARY – CEDAR RAPIDS, IA

“[Curtis] is very personable – adjusted his program to the age of the audience. Kids were delighted.” Ms. Bonnie Wholden, LAKE SUPERIOR ELEMENTARY, SUPERIOR WI

“Funny, Entertaining, Energetic… Curtis does a nice job entertaining and reinforcing the library.” Kira Kunkel, LuVerne Elementary School – LuVerne, IA

“What a great show! The kids and adults loved it! It just ended about twenty minutes ago and I’ve already had requests to have Curtis back next summer. You bet we will!” Magic of Reading Show – Joyce Moore, – Joyce Moore PUBLIC LIBRARY – VERMILLION, SD