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Minnesota's favorite magician, entertainer and motivational speaker serving Minneapolis and the surrounding metro area.

Accept for a few libraries for whom I continued to perform when my children were growing up, I took time away from performing during the summer. I did continue performing my Magic of Reading Show in elementary schools. To find more resent reviews from those presentations please visit The following are older reviews from by my Magic of Reading Show presented only in libraries.
“Every summer children want to know if Curtis will be back. I never tire of his show. He never fails to hold his audience spell-bound.”
Ms. Halma Hawkins ‘89, ’90, ’91, ’93, ’94, ’99, ’00, ’02, ’04, ’09, ’13
Kansas City Public Libraries, KC, MO
“Thank you so much for coming to do you “Magic of Reading” show here at the library. It is always a pleasure to have you come. The audience always enjoys your program. We look forward to seeing you again next year.””Another great show! Audience members young and old enjoy your magic and humor. We look forward to having you come again next year.” “Curtis always promotes checking out books from the library to gain knowledge about magic or any subject when he comes to perform here.”Ms. Carol Hoke, ’95, ’96, ’97, ’98, ’99, ’00, ’01, ’02, ’04 ’06, ’10, ’13
Cedar Rapids Public Library Cedar Rapids, IA
“The more positive comments the better! – and we had them!! [Curtis] related the show to the library and reading.”Ms. Judy Weis ’00 & ’03Foley Library, Foley, MN
“I heard rave reviews from parents and kids after the show ended! Thanks”Ms. Amy Wittman ’00 & ’03Buffalo Public Library, Buffalo, MN
“Good messages (about libraries and choices), good delivery, good control of the group. An excellent program …fun, sharp, awe inspiring!!”
Ms. Peggy Beseres ’01, ’05, ’07, ’10, ’13, & ’15
Crosby Public Library – Crosby, MN
“Curtis Alan Hed performed his Magic Show recently at the Willmar Public Library. His performance was excellent. His magic appeals to adults as well as children. In addition to entertainment he promoted reading and books.The Pioneerland Library System has hired Curt many times and always enjoyed an exciting, professional program.”Ms. Carolyn Olson ’76, … ’99, ’04Willmar Public Library, Willmar, MN
I felt Curtis was delightful with his tie-in to the importance of libraries appropriate and “thought-out” yet not preachy” Audience participation was wonderful. He really drew them in.Ms. Chris Robinson ’03 & ’05AMES PUBLIC LIBRARY
“It is my Pleasure to recommend Curtis Alan Hed’s Magic & Comedy Show. Although conditions were not ideal, Mr. Hed kept the audience involved in his performance. He is easy to work with, and accommodated our need to have his performance outdoors because of accessibility issues. Mr. Hed promotes reading and library use. We Like him!”Ms. Jan Pease ’99Litchfield Public Library, Litchfield, MN
“One word: “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” I especially liked the manner in which Curtis conducts his show. So many children’s entertainers feel the need to be loud, wild and crazy. Curtis is very calm, and wows the crowd with his ability, not his sound volume.”Pat Heiser ’00Spirit Lake Public Library
“I appreciate his message (the importance of reading, owning a library card, etc.). He has a wonderful sense of humor and has a good rapport with the audience.”Ms. Claudia Leeds  ’95, ’97, ‘99 & ’01WAMEGO LIBRARY, WAMEGO, KS
“Exciting and fun ..terrific…”Barb Bracken (’98) & ’01Carnegie Library, Grafton, SD
“Innovative, fun, imaginative… As a Librarian, I really appreciated Curtis’ message about the importance of Libraries and reading. Curtis presents a good clean show which has many jokes for all ages in the audience. It’s unusual to find an entertainer who is able to truly connect with the entire audience like Curtis does so effortlessly.” Kerry Preece ‘08
McMillan Memorial Library, Wisconsin Rapids, WI
“Curtis has good contact with the audience. He reaches all ages. His show is lively, engaging and entertaining”Ms. Kimberly Howard ’01Blue Springs North Branch Library
“The children love him and so do the parents. He is always welcome at our library.”Ms. Myrna Deese ’01Edgerton Library, Edgerton, MO
“Great! Fantastic! Very, very entertaining! Curtis’s show keeps both child and adult audiences completely absorbed.”Ms. Penny Henry ’01Mid-Continent Public Library, Boardwalk Branch
“Curtis appeals to all age groups. Several elderly folks volunteered how much they enjoyed the show.”Ms. Linda Reida ’05
Carroll Public Library, Carroll, IA
“The children and parents enjoyed themselves. His set up is easily adaptable to any number of spaces, and he is polite, courteous, and great at customer service.”Ms. Sonja Timmerman ’00
“Was a great program for our library to sponsor”Ms. Betty Nobiling ’99Westside Public Library, Westside, IA
“Professional, funny, talented …Very enjoyable performance for kids and parents.”Ms. Nancy Howland ’95, ‘’97, ’00)Hannibal Public Library, Hannibal, MO
“Curtis entertained the adults as much as the kids. He did a great job.”Ms. Libby Gall ’00 & ’04Keller Public Library, Dexter, MO
“We were impressed that Curtis really stressed using the library and reading!”Ms. Jackie Kreye ’98Wabasha Public Library
“Professional, Exciting, Fun.”Pat Parks ’98Lake City Public Library
“funny, fast paced, intriguing …I like the way he incorporated libraries in his show.”Putman Co. Schools ’97Putman Co. Library, Unionville, MO
“Very positive, promotes literacy, great with children, everyone leaves with a smile.”Ms. Georgia Jones ’00Elk River Branch Library, Elk River, MN
“Definitely keeps the kids interested (all ages). I Strongly recommend his show.”Ms. Linda Torgerson ’95Chisholm Public Library, Chisholm, MN
“Fantastic! Remarkable! Amazing! Curtis is passionate about reading and magic and combines those values in a fun delightful manner.”Ms. Kimberly HowardMid-Continent Library System
“Mr. Hed had great rapport with his audience – he was very relaxed and quite entertaining. The audience hated to see the show come to an end!”Ms. Robin Schupp ’99Grant County Library, Milbank, SD
“Curtis Alan Hed brought his Magic & Comedy Show to Scott City as the “Kick-off” for our Summer Reading Program. Those attending the show were very appreciative in their comments to us. We felt Curtis did an excellent job of entertaining the entire audience, from preschool to adult. His program stressed the use of the Library… Entertaining, educational, excellent”Julie O’BrienScott County Library, Scott County, KS
“Definitely a performance for the whole family. Delightful humor that brings everyone a lift. My husband says thumbs up for Curtis Hed’s humor, talent and care of his audience.”Ms. Sharon DuBois ’99Jay Johnson Public Library, Quinter, KS
“Curtis is very connected with the entire audience. He involves the children with his magic tricks and draws in adults and children alike with his humor. I love the way he promotes reading during his show.” Carol Plocher – Delano Library, Delano, MN
“Thanks for bringing your show to us this year, the kids enjoyed it greatly.”
Mr. James Hill
Zumbrota Public Library, Zumbrota, MN
“Thank you for doing the program. The kids enjoyed it, and I’m thankful you were flexible enough to work in a smaller room with no stage, since our community was undergoing construction. You had good rapport with the audience, and I especially thank you for encouraging the kids to use the library. An hour after the show, we were cleaned out of our books of magic tricks!”
Janet Slessor ’13
Reinbeck Public Library, Reinbeck, IA
“Curtis says he doesn’t really do magic, but he did magic here…he lit up the room. The kids were amazed, the adults were amused and all had a great time.”
Ms. Diane Shough ’07, ’11, & ’13 
Osceola Public Library, Osceola, IA
“Excellent Show, great interaction with the children and adults, good message for the children and very entertaining.”Mr. Bryan McCormick ’01Muehl Public Library, Seymour, WI
“Fun, Entertainment, exciting. He was very great with kids & involved everyone”Mr. Kendahl Goering ’02BENNETT LIBRARY, BENNETT, IA
“I had a number of kids ask me if he was coming again next year, so he was a hit.”Ms. Denise Levenhagen ’02 John C. Clegg Library, Central City, IA
“Curtis’ show had something for everyone young & old alike. It was great!”Ms. Kimshiro Benton, ’02
James Kennedy Public Library (Hoffman Public Library), Dyersville, IA
“The Best Ever …Curtis is a superb performer and a great role model. It is the first time ever I have seen children of all ages so mesmerized.”Ms. Amy Bayes ’98Newton Public Library, Newton, KS
“Kids love magic and love live animal involvement. His reading message was great.”Ms. Barb Fisler ’97
Cherry Valley District Library, Cherry Valley, IL
“Curtis’ enthusiasm for reading and the library captured the attention of the children watching the show”Ms. Marlena Boggs ’99Mid Continent Library System, Independence, MO
“Curtis is sincere in his messages to the children. He enjoyed being with us and performing. Thanks again for the great show and message. We hope to see you again.” Jackie Fountain, Glencoe City Library
“Curtis Show is entertaining, funny, & enthralling…I especially enjoyed the way thethe importance of reading messages was worked into the performance in an entertaining way.”Ms. Mary Thunhorst ’97, ‘98, ’99, ’00Spirit Lake Public Library, Spirit Lake, IA
“Refreshing, delightful, [and] uplifting. Enjoyable for both children and adults. …positive entertainment..”Amanda McNeill ’98Cordova Library, Cordova IL
“wonderful, funny, entertaining”Ms. Nancy LeeBig Lake Branch Library, Big Lake, MN
“Magic was very good, comedy good, and had a great moral tone throughout the show. Many good comments on your show. We want to have you come again.”Mr. Larry Conn ’97Shadle Memorial Library, Pleasantville, IA 
“The show was wonderful fun for all ages. Curtis is an amazing performer. We hope to welcome him back next year!”Ms. Mary Kenyon ’14
Winthrop Public Library, Wintrop, IA
“Thank you for the wonderful performance at the Ames Public Library… We had a great turn-out… you really connected with the audience.” Chris Robinson
Ames Public Library – Ames – IA
“Curtis put on a fun and family-friendly show with audience participation. It was great!”
Youth Services Associate
L.E. Phillips Memorial Library – Eau Claire, WI
“What a great show! The kids and adults loved it! It just ended about twenty minutes ago and I’ve already had requests to have Curtis back next summer. You bet we will!”
Joyce Moore, 
Vermillion Public Library – Vermillion, SD 
“Curtis did a great show for the kids he kept them involved and entertained he was funny and talented and would definitely want to see his show again my son loved it”
Jessie F. Hallett Memorial Library – Crosby, MN
“The adults and children enjoyed the program. A couple of parents asked me to get this program back. He appealed to all ages, kept it moving, and there was audience participation which the people really really like.” Activities Coordinator Northwest Regional Library
Thief River Falls, MN
“Curtis was fun and easy going. Very flexible and the children LOVED him.”
Veronica Manthei, Children’s Services
Kansas City Public Library System, Kansas City, MO
“Curtis does a really fun performance. Children and adults enjoyed the magic tricks, juggling, and jokes.”
Donna Newell, Children’s Librarian
Kansas City Public Library System, Kansas City, MO